Experience local culture, hidden gems, and amazing food.
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Why Keelung for a walk?

Taking a walk with local people from Keelung through the hidden alleys, passing by the treasures of the local cuisine, you can see and taste the true and authentic Taiwan and get a genuine insight into the daily life of local people. By walking you will be able to really enjoy all these treasures thoroughly.


We are different!

1. Every one of our guides are local Keelungers. Our tours are curated and designed by local Keelungers 2. Get a comprehensive overview of Keelung and Taiwan's history and development 3. Fun fun fun~~!! 4. Our hearts beat for Keelung.


Why small group tour?

We like to provide you with a very personal and close experience of the beauty of our old city, allowing for interaction with the place you visit rather than just consuming the sight. And we think that going in small groups also is the best expression of our wish to create a sustainable “green” tourism in Taiwan.

Keelung City

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The Story of Keelung

Keelung City is a port city in the northeastern part of Taiwan. The city was ruled by the Spanish in the early 17th century before being handed over to the Dutch, then taken over by The Qing Empire. During The Japanese Era, the Japanese took over and Keelung was elevated to a city. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to China in 1945, the city was eventually established as a city of Taiwan.
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The Charming Port City Of Taiwan

Just a stone's throw away from Taipei, Keelung is the perfect place for anyone looking for a memorable getaway. The city's iconic harbour extends deep into the city center, creating a unique blend of land and water. Get lost on a relaxing stroll along endless rows of old school shophouses, or visit beautiful surrounding islands like Keelung Island, Penjia Island and Mianhua Island.

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A Subtropical Climate

In Keelung, summers get very hot and winters are cool and windy. It is typically wet all year round, so it's always good to bring along an umbrella. Heavy rains often occur in autumn and winter, and the best time of year to visit Keelung City for warm-weather activities is from early October to late November.

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Getting Here

Keelung is very accessible from Taipei. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes from Taipei, depending on the mode of transportation. The most common ways to reach Keeling from Taipei is either taking Bus 2088 from Taipei City Hall Bus Station, or Bus 1813 from Taipei Bus Station. Otherwise, visitors can also use the local train TRA train. The train ride takes about 40 minutes and departs from Taipei Central Station every 15-20 minutes.