WHY 680

Why Keelung for a walk?

Taking a walk with local people from Keelung through the hidden alleys, passing by the treasures of the local cuisine, you can see and taste the true and authentic Taiwan and get a genuine insight into the daily life of local people. By walking you will be able to really enjoy all these treasures thoroughly.


We are different!

1. Every one of our guides are local Keelungers. Our tours are curated and designed by local Keelungers 2. Get a comprehensive overview of Keelung and Taiwan's history and development 3. Fun fun fun~~!! 4. Our hearts beat for Keelung.


Why small group tour?

We like to provide you with a very personal and close experience of the beauty of our old city, allowing for interaction with the place you visit rather than just consuming the sight. And we think that going in small groups also is the best expression of our wish to create a sustainable “green” tourism in Taiwan.

What Our Guests Say