Keelung Night Market Food Tour 

Tour Highlights

  • Get to try the classic Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice in this food tour of Keelung's Night Markets


  • Immerse yourself in the Taiwanese food culture as you hop from one market to another


  • At Keelung, night market shops come highly recommended by the locals themselves


  • Fill up with food and knowledge with every historic culinary trivia your guide shares


  • Vegetarians can also try options such as these meat-free dumplings


  • Try out different kinds of food in Keelung's Night Market when you book through us!



The Taiwanese culture is all about food, especially in the Keelung region. The city offers delicious food in a wide range of variety when it comes to cuisine and styles. Some dishes are linked to their origin story, while others tell a more versatile and modern tale.

Explore the remarkable culture and ethnicity that establishes today’s Miaokou Night Market eats, as they say each dish Keelung has to offer comes with a rich history and is based on a lovely tradition. Enhance your experience with a fun-filled history lesson by sampling herbal tea, curry noodle hidden in the local indoor market etc. While time has passed along rapidly, Keelung has been able to hold onto its traditions while welcoming the modern age with open arms, and this can be seen and tasted in their foods. Making Keelung a place loved by all.

Our tour includes specialties that you cannot miss out on when in Keelung. Watch food being prepared by masters as it's a great experience for foodie locals and travelers!


Night Market Food Tour Meeting Point - YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum (first floor plaza): No. 6-2, Gangxi Street, Ren'ai District, Keelung City
  • Maritime Plaza
  • Ren'ai Day Market
  • Herb Alley
  • Miaokou Night Market
  • Kanziding Fish Market
  • Qingan Temple
  • Keelung Train Station: No. 5, Gangxi Street, Ren’ai District, Keelung City
  • Please wear comfortable footwear and bring an umbrella/waterproof
  • Fully licensed local tour guide
  • Personal headset and audio guide
  • Complimentary dinner, drink, and snacks
  • Souvenir Keelung For A Walk Foodie map
  • Operator-provided public liability insurance
  • Transportation to and from the tour meeting point
  • Personal expenses
  • Please arrive at the designated meeting point no later than 10 minutes before the start time of the tour
  • Kindly let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements or any food allergies at the time of booking
  • To be accepted onto the tour, please present your booking voucher (in either printed or electronic format) when checking in for the tour
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