Heping Island and Zhengbin Fishing Port Walking Tour in Keelung 

Tour Highlights


What is so peaceful about Heping Island, I hear you ask. Well for starters, it is a tiny yet scenic UNESCO Global Geopark boasting magnificent views of the coast along Keelung’s north east. Then there are the ruins of Spanish-Dutch forts and what remains of a Japanese settlement from years gone by. It is the symbioses of these rich historical footprints against the backdrop of spectacular rock formations that make Heping Island a go-to destination. No wonder the island once known as “Sheliao’ was renamed “Heping” which translates to “Peace” in Chinese.

  • It is an island indeed; the nearest outlying island to Taiwan. It is also home to the first sea-crossing bridge in Taiwan
  • The age of great voyages showed its prominence under the convergence of multiculturalism; what history textbooks did not tell you
  • Spherical and irregular rock formations, sea erosion landscapes, trace fossils; a paradise for natural geography classrooms and geological landscape lovers
  • Discover relics of Spanish city building, Dutch inscription on the mountain walls and the living quarters in which the Japanese once were. The island also played host to the largest settlement of Ryukyu people in Taiwan
  • Check out the ruins, take a trip down prosperity lane of the past and witness the old buildings that are gradually left behind in history
  • In a place where culture and beliefs blend with each other over time, the multi-ethnic interaction has shaped the island's unique cultural history, making Heping an ideal destination for local people to rest physically and spiritually
  • Hop on the bus to experience the daily life of local people, listen to the guide on board and get to know the city on the move
Heping Island Tour Meeting Point - Keelung Customs Office: No. 6, Gangxi St, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, Taiwan 200
  • Keelung Railway Station
  • Zhengbin Fishing Port
  • Agenna Shipyard
  • Peace Bridge
  • Bachimen
  • Temples
  • "Todos los Santos" - Archaelogical site of Heping Island
  • Heping Island Park
  • Please wear comfortable footwear and bring an umbrella/waterproof
  • Shuttle to Heping Island
  • Heping Island Park entrance ticket
  • Fully licensed local tour guide
  • Personal headset and audio guide
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Souvenir Keelung For A Walk map
  • Operator-provided public liability insurance
  • Transportation to and from the tour meeting point
  • Personal expenses
  • Please arrive at the designated meeting point no later than 10 minutes before the start time of the tour
  • To be accepted onto the tour, please present your booking voucher (either in printed or electronic format) when checking in for the tour
  • The tour is not refundable, except for cancellation due to cruise ship no show. Keelung-for-a-walk will honor a refund only if your cruise does not come into Keelung port due to severe weather, mechanical problems or political unrest. Your refund is subject to a $10 USD administration fee, deductable from the refund amount.

  • If you are no longer able to attend, after booking the tour, please kindly let us know by email: keelungforawalk@gmail.com.
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Heping Island Tour Meeting Point
Keelung Customs Office: No. 6, Gangxi St, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, Taiwan 200