Who are we?

We were born and raised in Keelung. We are not full-time guides, but we work in fields that help support the city’s many cultural activities. Our team works hard to offer these tours because we are truly passionate about our city and would love to share this passion with you.

Our Mission


Change the impression of Keelung

Located on the outskirts of New Taipei (30 minutes from Taipei city center), Keelung is typically overlooked despite its long history dating back to the first settlement of the Ketalangan tribe, with later Spanish and Dutch influences. By promoting cultural travel at walking speed, Keelung-for-a-walk wishes to provide visitors a new view of Taiwan and the city of Keelung beyond the hustle and bustle that many tourist spots are known for.


Cultural exchanges between travelers and locals

In the walking tour, we create opportunities for interaction with locals so travelers can better understand the Keelung lifestyle. This is also of benefit to the locals, who can reflect on their own identity and cherish the traditional culture of their hometown. Keelung-for-a-walk encourages shared life experiences and is a positive learning experience for all involved.


Sustainable travel

Keelung-for-a-walk promotes a cat-like stroll to explore the beauty of Keelung, minimizing the impact on residents and the natural environment.

How we do it


A Real Cultural Experience

Beautiful temples, various festivals and traditional cuisine in the alleys of Keelung: these are all integrated into our daily lives as a reflection of Taiwanese culture. Get to know Keelung, and thus get to know the real Taiwan.


Explore on foot

Keelung-for-a-walk lets you get closer to Keelung by walking, and it allows you to experience the unique allure of Keelung within just a couple of hours. We explore and build all routes individually, chat with local residents, and add in creative elements that allow travelers to build lasting memories.


A Local Story

Because the splendor of Keelung is not widely promoted in tourism (and is not known even to many in Taiwan), we want to share an authentic experience of the Keelung “sweet and spicy” flavor. We give tours, but we are not a standard “tourism agency;” we want income from tourism to go directly to the local community.