Keelung City: A Taiwan Digital Nomad Destination

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    Keelung City: A Taiwan Digital Nomad Destination   Are you a digital nomad looking for an exciting destination in Taiwan? Look no further than Keelung City! Located on the northeastern coast of the island, Keelung City offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that makes it an ideal choice for digital nomads seeking inspiration and … Read More

基隆と日本の文化が融合した公園 the Keelung culture and Japanese one in the peaceful park.

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もしあなたが基隆にいて、ひとやすみしたいと思ったなら、中正公園に行くことをおすすめします。この公園では美しい景色を見ることができます。また、様々な文化の影響で発展してきた基隆の文化を堪能できますよ。植民地時代に、日本は台湾に大きな文化的影響を及ぼしてきました。日本人として、中正公園を訪問してみて発見した日本文化の影響と、台湾特有の文化をご紹介します。 If you are in Keelung and want to take a rest and relax, I suggest you go to Zhongzheng park. The park offers beautiful scenery. You can also enjoy Keelung culture, which has developed under the influence of various cultures. Japan is a representative country that has exerted cultural influence on Taiwan. As a Japanese national, I would like … Read More

A guide to vintage shopping in Keelung: 4 Shops you have to check out

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As someone who is very interested in fashion, my favorite way to shop is second hand and vintage because it is better for the environment and the pieces you buy always come with some kind of history, many of them having been loved and worn for years but yet they still find their way to a new owner who will … Read More

Jian Temple: a Library of Story and Mural

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Jian Temple: an unassuming temple, found in Keelung, nestled deep into the beautiful ecosystem of Hope Hills. Such a temple is often overlooked, though, especially being in the presence of the iconic Big Buddha Temple. This does nothing to detract from its beauty; instead, to those curious few, Ji’an Temple opens its doors, reciting age-old stories from within, and in … Read More

Keelung Tower: The Gateway of Keelung

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First-time visitors of Keelung are usually aware of 2 things: 1) the city has a big port, and 2) there are many hills that surround said port. Beyond this, however, the city still remains a mystery, and knowing where to start isn’t exactly obvious. Fortunately for me, Keelung Tower was my first destination.   Standing as a beacon in the … Read More

Swan Cave: Explore the Hidden City of The Forest

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Maybe you’re a keen adventurer who likes to explore beyond the beaten path. Keelung offers such a person much to explore; with its antique gems hidden amongst the city, ‘Swan Cave’ could be your next visit. The Hidden City Down into the valley, through the web of stairs, exists Swan Cave. A serene place that is unlike anything else in … Read More

Working Remotely in Keelung: Hidden Spots Away from City Life

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Hidden Spots in Keelung Ever found yourself caught up by work on your travels? Some of the digital nomads among us might relate to the feeling of work taking away your ability to enjoy your destination. However, work and sightseeing do not have to be mutually exclusive: rather, Keelung has many beautiful spots to get work done. Today, I’ll guide … Read More

Keelung’s Mountain and Sea: Several Stops to a Scenic Spot

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As tourists, it’s easy to get caught up running from one attraction to another, barely processing what’s happening around us. But today, we’re going to take a slow and quiet stroll, retracing the steps of the industrial miners up the mountains of Keelung. I hope this article can provide some guidance for smaller attractions and stops in Keelung that you … Read More

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