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See the Green Valley Beside the Sea at Badouzi Park

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Sometimes when you don’t want any distractions, it is best to find a quiet place in a corner somewhere to just relax or release your stress. From the moment you enter Wangyou Valley, at Badouzi park, you will see its V-shaped green valley breaking into the blue coastline. In addition, you can see Keelung Islet and fishing boats heading back to the port. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, this valley can heal gloomy feelings or make you laugh. You will want to stay forever in this unique blue-green corner.

The beauty of Wangyou Valley can be compared to Taiwan’s eastern coastline, similar to the Hualien area. In our childhood, we used to have picnics here. Now, the surrounding Badouzi area has grown, in attractions, offering sights such as NMMST and ChaoJing Park. You can arrange a day trip to Badouzi and head to the northwest to see Wangyou Valley. Wander between the mountains and the sea.


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