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Baimiwong Fort: Land of Giants

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Keelung was once an important battlefield in northern Taiwan. This port city welcomed the new ruler of Taiwan and defeated the invaders. Due to different wars and rulers in the past hundred years, most buildings wouldn’t have been able to survive without renovation. However, atop the hills surrounding the Keelung port area, you can find ruins of a key structure in the city’s history: a fort. Nowadays, Baimiwong Fort’s function has changed, and it happens to be a great scenic viewpoint. Tourists can visit the ruins at the top of the hill to get a good glimpse of the unique landscape of the Keelung area and the sea.

The forts at Baimiwong were used to monitor the west part of Keelung fort. This area was called Holland town, and according to town history, it was built during the Dutch Formosa years; however, other accounts say it was during Spanish Formosa. The current architecture of the fort was remodeled during the Japanese governing period, but it is still very solid. This is now a place where kids can run around. The left side of the fort has a power plant, where three giant chimneys stand in front of the setting sun over the sea. It is said these are actually the pipes of giants and the fort is a chamber pot of giants. Is this true? Face the sea, sprawl out on the grass field above the chamber pot, and watch the sun go down behind the pipes. Look out, or these things might be taken away by an invisible giant.


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