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Cheng-Bing Fishery Building

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One stormy afternoon, my mom took me to see where she lived during her elementary school days—the fishery building. This building’s architecture is like a time capsule back to the fishing industry during the period under Japanese control. It is surrounded by a fish market, a fish container factory, an ice factory, and a radiotelegraph office. It can be found at the Cheng-Bing fishery port, the first modern port in Taiwan and the most important offshore fishery building in the KMT governing period.

After the government changed the focus of the fishery industry to Badouzi twenty-eight years ago, the Cheng-Bing fishery port declined rapidly. However, it still carries the memory of what was once a fishing giant in its time.

The design is clever; its back is to the port and its entrance faces the city, which is meant to bring good fish stock to Keelung. The front door has a rain cover to fit the climate, and there is one round window on both sides. Some people believe that these are meant to represent fish eyes, but others say they reflect the type of windows typically found on fishing boats. Since the current government has taken it over, many expect the revitalization of this historic building, one that preserves past memories and enlightens the local citizens.


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