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Keelunger’s Shangri-La – Secret Coast

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Keelungers have always had their own cherished stores of “secret spots.” Different from most popular tourist destinations, these places usually host relatively few people, and as such are quiet, serene, and clean. I call these spots “Shangri-La.” On the coastal junction of Keelung and Ruifang, there is such a place.

Want to step into the mist of the sea? You must first walk on the scarcely used rough gravel road. As you get close, you will start to hear the sound of the waves. The secret coast is a small bay, surrounded by a circle of stones, giving it the feel of a natural swimming pool. In good weather, people soak in the sea, enjoy its breeze, or walk barefoot along the edge of its waters. In bad weather the spot has a different feel, and you can come here to feel the force of the wind, observing the choppy waves.

Having this little secret spot makes me happy; we all need a place of our own to escape to sometimes.  However, occasionally I see waste and other negative aspects of civilization on the beach, and this makes me just a little upset.

“This view that you travel for is part of my daily life.”

I would like to share with you the scenery from my eyes, and I hope that when you visit you treat it well.


Transportation: Departing from Keelung Train Station (Badouzi), take bus 103/791/1051 to NMMST station, then take a taxi to Zhao Ming Temple昭明宮. Follow the video to find directions to the coast.

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