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Keelung Weather: What Should You Do on a Rainy Day in Keelung?

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A rainy day in Keelung front

Keelung’s nickname is “The Rainy Port,” and it's no secret that it rains frequently in the area. However, if you find yourself in this great city, don’t get down because of the weather; there are so many things you can do in Keelung on a rainy day.

Before we start, grab your umbrella; Keelung weather is unpredictable after all! If you somehow came to this area without one (like me), go to almost any street shop and pick up a cheap umbrella for less than 100 NTD. It is worth noting that many of the city's sidewalks are covered by storefront roofs and awnings, so you can definitely get around without getting drenched. Alright, let's go.

National Museum of Marine Science and Technology


Keelung weather what to do


No. 367, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202

202 基隆市中正區北寧路367號


Hours: Tues-Fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 9-6, Mon Closed

Admission: Adults 200 NTD, Children 6-12 and Students 140 NTD, Seniors 100 NTD, Children 0-6 Free

The classic Keelung weather rainy day special: a museum. This place is great, especially for children and science nerds. You could easily spend more than half a day wandering around on the different floors, and the exhibits (in Mandarin and English) are amazingly detailed and highly technical. Most of the museum went over my non-scientific head, but I did enjoy the exhibit about sea animals in the deepest parts of the ocean. You can also stand and feel the ground shaking below you in a simulation earthquake, learn about weather patterns and currents around Taiwan, and read about different marine vessels. Quite a perfectly themed visit in rainy Keelung weather. You can even walk inside a boat and stand on the Keelung port. There is an IMAX theater with ocean-related entertainment for separate admission. It’s really easy to get to this museum from Keelung. If you choose public transportation, take the 103 bus from downtown Keelung for about 20 minutes, then get off just before Badouzi.


Keelung Cultural Center


cultural center2


No. 181, Xinyi Rd, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202



Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

This is a great option because of its cost (0 NTD). You can meander around and explore the different seasonal art and culture exhibits. There are some creative displays at this place. A perfect escape from Keelung weather if there's a sudden downpour!


Yangming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum


Keelung weather what to do


4, Gangxi St, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

20041 基隆市仁愛區港西街四號


Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Adults 200 NTD, Students 160 NTD, Seniors and Children Free

I thoroughly enjoyed this museum, and it is much less scientific than the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. Exhibits (in Mandarin and usually English) include a huge section dedicated to wetlands areas and wildlife in Taiwan, the history of ships, and a really cool floor highlighting cargo ships. You can steer a simulation ship out of Keelung Harbor! The staff are extremely friendly; they even offered me a private viewing of a short movie about Taiwan’s wildlife. The top floor has some interesting art. This museum is right next to the old Keelung Bus Terminal.


Showtime Cinema (基隆-秀泰影城)

https://www.showtimes.com.tw/?sid=4 (the website only seems to be in Chinese)

Keelung weather what to do


No. 177號, Xinyi Rd, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202


Hours: Mon-Sun 9:30am-12 midnight

Admission: Prices vary depending on time and age. Regular 2D tickets are 260, 3D tickets are 310.

The typical go-to for locals in rainy Keelung weather. This is a pretty nice theater in Keelung’s tallest building, right next to the harbor. The screens are all the way up on the 7th-10th floors, and the movies are new releases / recent hits from Western countries. The seating is comfortable, the movie and sound quality are excellent, and the popcorn is good. TIP: Bring a jacket or sweater. Due to the building's air conditioning, it can get absolutely frigid in the theater. No one wants to bring Keelung weather inside!


Keelung Story House

Keelung weather what to do


181, Xin 1st Rd., Zhongzheng District, Keelung City



Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

This is definitely one of the city's hidden gems. It's connected to the Keelung Cultural Center but has its own entrance on the north side of the building that can easily go unnoticed. Upon entering, you'll find a nice array of very useful exhibits (in Chinese and English) displaying Keelung's history from past to present - its roots as a coal town, the importance of the harbor and fishing, the wars that have been fought on its soil, its people, and its art. This little museum is aptly named, and if you are interested in learning Keelung's story, it is a great place to be.


Keelung Harbor Building




No. 1號, Zhongzheng Rd, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202



Hours: Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat-Sun Closed

Admission: Free

Alright, this is just the building right next to the cruise ship port, and it’s probably one of the first places people go when they are embarking on or debarking from a cruise. When I visited, it was a ghost town. The 2nd floor is kind of cool though, with a nautical theme, a few good shops, and a nice restaurant with good views of the harbor. This is likely a quick visit.


Ghost Festival Museum

Keelung weather what to do


No. 280, Xin'er Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202



Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

You’ll have to trek to the top of Zhongzheng Park to see this museum, set in an old temple. Read about the history of the famous local Ghost Festival. There are usually few people here, and the exhibits (In Mandarin and English) give you a very good glimpse of everything you need to know about the festival and its origins.


Keelung City Public Library


cultural center


No.181, Xin 1st Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202

20241 基隆市中正區信一路181號


Hours: Tues-Sat 9-9, Sun 8-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

This is on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Keelung Cultural Center, and it's pretty big. If you want to do some reading (they have a decent selection of books in English) or connect to Wi-Fi, it's an excellent place to go.


Historical Keelung Mayor’s Mansion

IMG 48821


No. 261, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202


Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

The spacious and largely traditional Japanese house was built in 1932 by Matsuura Shinpei 松浦 新平 for himself and his family. The mansion, with its small garden, was in an excellent location right next to the public bathing beach of Dashawan 大 沙灣 and offered a great view over the harbor. Which the residents endlessly enjoyed through the panoramic windows in the house. Between 1975 and 2006, the house served as a dorm for employees of the city government, but seems to have been in a barely habitable state during this period. The building was restored between 2012 and 2013 and has been opened as a museum in January 2013.


Keelung Indigenous Culture Hall

Click Here

IMG 2533 1066x800


No. 75, Ln. 116, Zhengbin Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202


Hours: Tues-Sun 9-5, Mon Closed

Admission: Free

Taiwan culture has many stories to tell. One way of learning the history is through Keelung’s many museums, the Indigenous Culture Hall being a good place to start.This museum tells the story of the Aboriginal people, an important aspect of Taiwan culture and history. The history behind the indigenous people of Taiwan is complex and their place in modern society remains a sensitive issue, so while it is difficult to get a full and comprehensive picture, the museum is nonetheless worth a visit because it takes you on your first step in really getting to know Taiwan culture and its people. After enjoying the exhibitions, head up to the top floor and you will see a bridge leading to a quiet hilltop park.


SOOO MANY Good Coffee Shops

Of course, if you want to read a book, get some work done, or surf the net, you could nestle up in one of the many great coffee shops in Keelung. Maybe we will have a separate post on that topic in the future, but in the meantime, check out Shalom Café. Read more about it here: Meander Around the Hillside and Meet Shalom Café.

R0035095 small


No. 38, Yiliu Rd, Xinyi District, Keelung City, 201



Hours: Tues-Sat

Admission: Prices vary

So, there you have it. There are plenty of indoor entertainment options on those rainy days when you are itching for adventure. Of course, you could also brave it and enjoy the scenery. With an umbrella and a jacket, you might still get good views with fewer people, and the rain is often very light. Enjoy the rain in lovely Keelung!

A rainy day in Keelung back

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