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Keelung Indigenous Culture Hall

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The Indigenous Culture Hall

Taiwan culture has many stories to tell. One way of learning the history is through Keelung’s many museums, the Indigenous Culture Hall being a good place to start. There are two ways to explore this museum. One is to follow the route through the building; the other is to use the road outside the building. If this is your first time visiting, I suggest that you take the former.

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This museum tells the story of the Aboriginal people, an important aspect of Taiwan culture and history. The history behind the indigenous people of Taiwan is complex and their place in modern society remains a sensitive issue, so while it is difficult to get a full and comprehensive picture, the museum is nonetheless worth a visit because it takes you on your first step in really getting to know Taiwan culture and its people.


After enjoying the exhibitions, head up to the top floor and you will see a bridge leading to a quiet hilltop park. Follow the bridge, a 5-10 minute walk will take you to a hidden hall surrounded by columns. Standing still, I felt everything around me come alive. Be still, take in the tranquillity around you and open up your senses. The sound of waves crashing against the shore, the rustle of the autumn leaves, the gentle caress of a breeze. There are also benches if you need to sit down.

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If you want a better view of the sea, follow the road by the museum and cross the yellow bridge.

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