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Baimiweng Fort: The Land of Giants

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The History Of Baimiweng

The Baimiweng Fort, or alternatively, Holland Castle, is a former fort located in the Zhongshan District of Keelung. Keelung was once an important battlefield in northern Taiwan. The city has survived through war-torn history, from welcoming new rulers of Taiwan to defeating foreign invaders. While many buildings and castles have been struck down from hundreds of years of battles, an iconic fort remains standing – albeit in ruins. Atop the hills surrounding the Keelung port area lies the iconic and historical Baimiweng Fort.

The forts at Baimiweng were used to monitor the west part of Keelung fort called Holland town. According to town records, it was built around 300 years ago during the Dutch Formosa years, while other accounts claim it was built during Spanish Formosa. While its origins might be uncertain, one thing’s for sure – the fort’s history is certainly longstanding.

From Battle Site To Tourist Site

Today, the function of Baimiweng Fort has changed. In place of the many soldiers who crowd the fort in the past, tourists now flock to the fort for its scenic views. Visitors can head to the ruins at top of the hill to get a good glimpse of Keelung’s landscape and the surrounding sea. A rectangle-shaped gun emplacement faces the sea and sits within the fort. A control center and an observation station flanks the emplacement, and both spots are a great vantage point to overlook Keelung Harbour.

Despite its dark past, fort is now an open air playground which families visit frequently and where kids run around freely. The left side of the fort has a power plant, where three giant chimneys stand in front of the setting sun over the sea. (Legend has it that these are actually the pipes of giants and the fort is a chamber pot of giants!)

The beautiful Baimiweng Fort can be enjoyed all year round. In the summer, bask in the sun and view the lights on the lines of boats docked along the harbour; or visit on a cool evening to marvel at the stars while taking in the sea breeze.

All You Need To Know

Address: Ln. 37, Guanghua Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City

Opening Hours: 24hr

Entrance Fees: Free

Public Transport: Take Keelung buses 301, 302 to Taibaizhuang bus stop; then walk 15 minutes to the fort


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