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Keelung at Night: 8 Spots to Visit

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A harbor city makes for great entertainment when it’s dark. Here are our recommendations when you visit Keelung at night.


Maritime Plaza

Keelung’s heart and soul. Watch the eagles soar, the boats drift in, and the bright neon lights at night. A great spot to relax, eat and watch the world go by before visiting many of the city’s best shops and restaurants nearby.Maritime Plaza Keelung


Qing-An Temple

This temple (also called Matsu Temple) is one of the oldest in Keelung. Its rich history can be traced through its colorful and intricate designs. Pay your respects and quietly observe locals as they go about their rituals.

Qing-An Temple


Miao-Kou Night Market

One of Keelung’s most popular attractions, this market lights up the city center every night. Many stalls are open 24 hours a day. Snack your way around the market; enjoy the fresh seafood and local specialties; savor the desserts, drinks, and the lively atmosphere.

Miao-Kou Night Market


Fude Temple

The Fude Temple (or Earth God Temple). It is believed that the temple has stood for over 160 years and still plays an important role in the local belief system. The dreamlike lighting of the pink lanterns in the small dark alley creates a mystical atmosphere as you make your way through the beautiful scenery of traditional shops reminiscent of the Japanese colonial age.

Fude Temple


Kanziding Fish Market

One of the oldest, most authentic open-air fish markets in Northern Taiwan(and the world!), this bustling market really gets started after midnight and finishes up around 7 am! See the live auctions, trade and enjoy the freshest and most delicious seafood you may ever experience. It is a unique nocturnal experience, and not to be missed.

Kanziding Fish Market


Zhongshan Bridge

This is an iconic architectural landmark of Keelung. It was featured in Dr. Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s movie“Millennium Mambo” for its symbolism. In this movie, the popular actress Shu Qi went up the steps, showcasing a cheerful attitude that continues to remind visitors of the happy and pure nature of the people of Keelung. The winding blue corridor continues to be an important testimony of Keelung’s past and continues to amaze through its aesthetics.

Zhongshan Bridge


Bomb Shelter

Next to the Keelung railway, this place connects the city center and the Miao-Kou night market. Surprisingly hidden in the residential area, there are many old photos showing the past history of this area. Walk through it, as if through a century of time and space.

Bomb Shelter Keelung

Keelung Sign

Like the Hollywood sign in California, it overlooks the city. You can hike up to the letters for great views of Keelung.

Keelung Sign


And if you stay for breakfast and maybe more: plan your day ‘after’ with this list!



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