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Visit Keelung: Lovers Lake Park

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Peace at Lovers Lake

There are many reasons to come and visit Keelung, one of those rare cities surrounded by nature with a balance of urban life and quiet oases just a short trip away.

There is the bustle of the night markets, the history of the museums, the quiet of the temples, and also the beauty of Keelung’s nature. If that isn’t enough to convince you to visit Keelung, hear from a visitor who found peace at the serene park of Lovers Lake.

Lovers Visit Keelung

I had a strange feeling when I first arrived at Lovers Lake Park.

I couldn’t hear anything, and I thought I had something stuck in my ears. The noise of the city had left me behind. Only once taking in the nature around me did I realise that my hearing was perfectly fine—this area is just incredibly serene and free from the common city commotion.

After this, I noticed my feelings changed, and my mind and body were filled with peace and joy. I appreciated the nature surrounding me, the sounds and smells of the forest, the clear skies, and the smooth path under my feet. An unexpected feeling as when I considered visiting Keelung I didn’t expect so much nature.

It is calming walking around the lake, looking at all the turtles. You can go up into the hills if you want and enjoy panoramic views of the sea, the Ao-ti Fishing Port, Keelung Islet, and Yehliu Cape. The landscape of these areas are so varied and all hold their own unique beauty and charm.

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On one of the hills, you can see the historic Da Wu Lun Fort from the time of the Qing Dynasty.

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Local lore say that if couples cross Lovers Bridge hand-in-hand, they are destined to marry.

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Transportation: Keelung bus No. 509 

Address: near Lane 208, Jin 1st Rd., Anle District.

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