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Muslim-Friendly Places in Keelung City

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Best places in Keelung for Muslims 

Keelung, a lively harbor town located in northern Taiwan, presents an amazing fusion of cultural diversity, historical places, and scenic view, making it as a perfect spot for Muslim voyagers. This blog post highlights some of the best places in Keelung for Muslims, including restaurants and a mosque that offer halal food and a place of worship.

1. Moiz Ali Restaurant

Moiz Ali, Muslim-Friendly restauurant
Moiz Ali Banner

Pakistani Indian flavors restaurant

A Culinary haven located 850 meters from Keelung station, Moiz Ali Restaurant stands as a beacon for an authentic Pakistani Indian flavors. As the pioneer halal-certified eatery in Keelung City, it shows an irresistible charm, drawing Muslims for a taste of home in the foreign lands.   

At Moiz Ali Restaurant, the owner makes genuine efforts to ensure that visitors feel welcomed and comfortable during their dining experience. Not only do they provide excellent service, but they also go the extra mile to explain the details of the menu. Whether it’s describing the ingredients used or offering recommendations based on individual preferences. You can also order something off the menu, such as their lemon coffee with its intense, richer, and smooth taste, or even “the tarik” (lit. ‘pulled tea’) which is a hot milk tea that is popular in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Moiz Ali Menu, Muslim-friendly
Menu and Food in Moiz Ali


Moiz Ali

Opening Hours:
11:30 – 20:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun)

No. 25, Xinsan Rd,
Zhongzheng District,
Keelung City, 202.


2. Mega Store

Mega Store Halal Restaurant and Indonesian Minimarket
Mega Store

halal-certified Indonesian food

Mega Store is an Indonesian convenience store in Keelung City. The owner, who came from Indonesia, is renowned for her hospitable nature. She takes pride in sharing her culture and cuisine with customers, creating a welcoming atmosphere within the store. Customers visiting Mega Store have the opportunity to purchase authentic Indonesian products. It doesn’t just sell a variety of Indonesian items; it also provides halal-certified Indonesian food prepared by the owner herself and a prayer room in the 3rd floor. It’s a handy place for Muslims who want to buy groceries and grab a quick meal. With its halal certification, you can trust that the food meets Islamic dietary standards, making it a reliable option for Muslim customers. The owner’s willingness to engage with customers contribute to the inviting ambiance of Mega Store, making it a popular destination for both grocery shopping and culinary exploration.

More about Mega Store: Mega Store: Indonesian Foods Finds a Home Near Keelung Port


Meganti Wu

Opening Hours:
08:00 – 20:00 (Mon – Sun)


No. 211, Xin’er Rd, Xinyi District


3. Masjid Al Hidayah (PCINU Ranting Keelung)

Al Hidayah Mosque near Keelung Port
Al Hidayah Mosque

A Sanctuary of Faith For those yearning for a sanctuary for spiritual rejuvenation, Masjid Al Hidayah, affiliated with PCINU (Pengurus Cabang Istimewa Nahdlatul Ulama) Ranting Keelung, stands as a beacon of hope, especially for Indonesians living in Keelung City. While specific details about their facilities are not shown, it undoubtedly furnishes the necessary facilities for Muslims to engage in prayers and other religious observances. The presence of such a mosque underscores Keelung’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and religious liberty, fostering a welcoming environment for Muslims diverse tapestry.

Opening Hour:
24 hours

No. 3, Lane 28, Xinsan Road,
Zhongzheng District,
Keelung City 202.


Establishing Muslim-friendly environment

These Muslim-friendly establishments in Keelung City not only showcase the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity but also reflect the power of cultural exchange and understanding. It’s heartening to see businesses like Moiz Ali Restaurant and Mega Store not only providing to the needs of Muslim visitors but also actively engaging in sharing their culture and cuisine with others. Furthermore, the presence of Masjid Al Hidayah underscores the importance of providing spaces for spiritual fulfillment and communal worship, irrespective of one’s background. Such initiatives not only enrich the travel experience but also contribute significantly to building bridges between different communities. As a traveler, encountering such places undoubtedly enhances the overall journey, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and hospitality.

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