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The Rotary Tower – beautiful view of Keelung

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A little known attraction in Keelung is the hike up the Rotary tower.

In fact, it was only by chance that I came across it.

Every day I would see the mountain behind the house and wished to climb it

So one late afternoon I set off without any idea of where I was going to end up.

The beginning of the walk is sometimes confusing because of the many little paths going between houses and temples but the sleeping cats along the way provide cute entertainment.

There are many ways to reach the mountain but you can take the way to Hongdanshan by Liumingchuan Rd in Ren’ai District, then follow Fuxing Street and find your way through the different paths.

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As the sun sets a few hikers were already coming back. At a crossroads, I chose to take the direction of the Rotary tower.

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The view over the city gets more beautiful at every step but it’s only when you reach the top of the tower that it became breathless.

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Climb the stairs and you will reach a platform from which you will not only see Keelung but also Taipei and notably the highest tower, the 101 building!

It’s literally a 360° view. The monument was funded by the Rotary Club hence the name.

Reach the place for a sunrise or more practically for sunset but remember to bring a lamp as the path down is not lit all the time. Some wild dogs might bark at you but keep walking and they will quickly run away.


Let us show you around Keelung today!



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