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A Trip to Chaojing Park and Wangyou Valley Coastal Trail

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I missed being in nature, especially on these beautiful days. Taking advantage of the wonderful weather, I decided to visit Chaojing Park. I took bus #107, which was crowded with women, presumably returning from shopping. I offered my seat to a grandmother, who smiled warmly and thanked me.

After about 40 minutes, I arrived at Chaojing Park. The first thing that caught my eye was the port, with its ships illuminated by round glass lights, giving off an atmosphere reminiscent of a fishing village. I saw buses filled with uniformed students, elderly individuals, and couples exuding romantic vibes. People sat on garden chairs, simply enjoying the view of the sea from every angle, listening to the tranquility of the waves.

As I walked, I spotted eagles soaring overhead, their confident flight suggesting they were on the lookout for lunch, perhaps small birds.

From Chaojing Park to an unexpected hiking trail

Soon, I stumbled upon a set of stairs, leading me to discover a hiking trail – the Wangyou Valley Coastal Trail. It was marked as not particularly difficult, about a two-hour journey if you’re interested in details like me.  Along the way, I encountered colorful butterflies—speckled, white, black, and one with brown wings adorned with purple dots. I managed to capture a beautiful picture of one of them, sitting comfortably on a flower.

The hiking experience was truly amazing, with the refreshing sea breeze and breathtaking views. I came across special plants like white galangal, which stood out vividly against the greenery. If you’re planning to hike this trail, I recommend wearing long clothes and bringing some snacks. But if you forget, there are many places to eat. 

How can I get there from Keelung City? 

From the Keelung main bus station you can take bus #791 or the #103 to arrive in Bishueixiang, at the national museum of marine science and technology. It takes around 41 minutes and costs $30. 

How was this like other Keeling Tours?

You can go on a Keeling Tour in a few different ways, but the two primary ways are either by yourself or as part of a tour group. I enjoyed my solitary walk, but there’s something to be said for being part of a guided tour as well, especially someplace like Chaojing Park or hiking the Wangyou Valley Coastal Trail. Local guides can give a lot of extra information and history, which can make the experience much deeper. Plus, there’s a chance that you could meet friends along the way! Going on activities with groups of people can enhance your mood in different ways, so it’s definitely something to consider if you’re out traveling.

Additional Information:

Equipment I needed for the hike: 

  • Long clothes 
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water 
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Umbrella 


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