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A guide to vintage shopping in Keelung: 4 Shops you have to check out

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As someone who is very interested in fashion, my favorite way to shop is second hand and vintage because it is better for the environment and the pieces you buy always come with some kind of history, many of them having been loved and worn for years but yet they still find their way to a new owner who will love and cherish them just as much and one day maybe even pass them on to someone new. Vintage clothes also often have way better quality and last a lot longer than a lot of modern ones, so it definitely is worth investing in some vintage clothes.

This is why one of the first things I check for in a city when I visit is if there are any good thrift and vintage stores, as you can always find some hidden gems there.

Keelung has some really amazing stores, most located within a walking distance of one another, all on or near Aisan Road, just next to the night market. Alltoghether they offer a great selection of clothes, in all price ranges. If you follow this guide you will for sure find some new additions to your closet that will last you for many years.



No. 9號, Lane 98, Ai 3rd Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

ghettohoneyghettStarting with one of my favorite places I discovered here, Ghettohoney which is located in Ai 3rd Road, a small street that you’ll find on your right hand side when walking down Aisan Road towards the ocean.

This store is a paradise for those who want to look like they belong in the 80s or 90s and love colorful clothing. Selling mostly vintage and a few modern pieces Ghettohoney has a great selection, where almost anyone can find something suiting their style. Their selection of jackets and pants is especially amazing, so if you are looking for a new stylish one that will last you a while, you should definitely go there.

They sell a lot of curated vintage pieces, even some designer, but also some unique reworked stuff like pants made from different fabrics, and corset sweaters. The people who work there are also really friendly and happy to help with any inquiries and questions you have.



No. 9號, Lane 54, Ai 2nd Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 20051



Another really cool place with a similar style of clothing is 豬肉小姐服飾店, which is just a few hundred meters away from Ghettohoney, in Ai 3rd Road, a small street that you’ll find on the opposite side of Aisan Road if you are coming from Ghettohoney.

They also sell mostly vintage, as well as a few modern and reworked things but also a lot of cool knit and crochet things. Especially the reworked clothes they sell there look great and are really creative and well made. They also have a nice selection of shoes, where you can for example find some nice pairs of Dr. Martens for a really good price which are perfect for the rainy weather in Keelung.

The atmosphere in this shop is really comfortable and I love the way they arranged and decorated the store and the two cats that wander around the store.



200, Keelung City, Ren’ai District, Aisan Rd, 75號2 樓/3樓


If you now walk down Ai 3rd Road back towards Aisan Road, you should keep a look on your left hand side where you can find a place you might not have noticed before:

Check for the stairs going up behind some plastic curtains, and go upstairs. There you will find 空白服飾&金派甜點 which is a little hidden clothing store and coffee shop.

This one is really worth checking out as they sell some really unique neutral colored clothing, both vintage and modern. They also have an amazing selection of jewelry and accessories, for those who love to elevate their outfits by paying attention to the small details. The store is very minimalistic and well organized which gives you a great overview of the entire store’s selection and they also have some adorable cats wandering around the store.



No. 22, Aisan Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

second handsecond hand shopNow once you walk back to Aisan road, you can walk further up the road, facing away from the ocean, where you will find one more shop called 專專櫃不貴二手衣物娃娃包包 after crossing three streets.

This is another store that I really recommend checking out. It is less of a curated vintage store but more of a conventional thrift shop with a lot of random donated clothes that you can buy for a good price. I love these kinds of stores, as I found some of my favorite clothes there.

The store has two floors full of mens, womens and childrens clothing, but is just roughly organized by type of clothing. Even if at first glance it might not look like they have anything nice, it nonetheless is definitely worth paying a visit as you can find really amazing pieces when going through the clothes, though it might take some time. For example I found some really cool jackets and hats there, but also the selection of bags is really amazing. If you get lucky you might even find some designer pieces.


Other vintage stores

If you still haven’t gotten enough of vintage shopping you can also check out 洋行 young house which is another store a little further away on The second floor in Zhong 2nd Road 29. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to visit this place as it was closed during the time i stayed in Keelung but feel free to explore it yourself, as you might discover some really nice stuff there. I also recommend just walking around the streets and exploring them as you might come across some cool stores randomly, which is how i found most of those listed here.

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