Keelung’s Spiritual Journeys: Temple Prayers and Urban Exploration

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Spiritual Journeys: Praying in theTemple We were all standing in a hesitant horizontal line as the smoke rose to the filigree-decorated ceiling of the Keeling temple, flowing in and out of recognizable shapes before disappearing as breath does on a cold day. The bandana-ed coworker next to me and I were desperately trying to figure out how many and in … Read More

Miaokou Night Market: Anthony Bourdain’s #1 night market in Taiwan

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In a country famous for its night markets, the port city of Keelung may be home to the best: Miaokou Night Market Bourdain goes to Taiwan Anthony Bourdain, the legendary food documentarian, only visited Taiwan once during his 20 year television run. It was to shoot a 2013 episode of The Layover, a short-lived series created by Bourdain on the … Read More

The 3 Best Night Hikes in Keelung

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 Why go on a night hike in Keelung?  During the day Keelung, the Taiwanese port city neighboring Taipei, is a beautiful (if not usually overcast) place. However, the city truly comes alive only after the sun sets. The city is surrounded by mountains, making it an apt place for exploring to get some spectacular views of the nighttime skyscape. Without … Read More

Where to find the best scallion pancakes in Keelung – an illustrated guide.

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Scallion Pancakes/ Cōng yóu Bǐng Scallions are an abundant vegetable in Taiwan and not left underutilised. If you don’t consider yourself much of a pancake person, hear me out – scallion pancakes, or Cōng yóu Bǐng, are a savoury Taiwanese delicacy that satisfies everyone’s taste.  What do scallion pancakes taste like? The pancakes consist of a crisp golden fried outer … Read More

Mega Store: Indonesian Foods Finds a Home Near Keelung Port

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In the bustling streets of Keelung, Taiwan. As the city embraces cultural diversity, it also has cultivated an environment for Muslim travelers. One of them lies a hidden gem, a taste of Indonesia brought to life by a passionate Indonesian business owner. I had the privilege to talk with Mrs. Meganti, the owner of an Indonesian minimarket and restaurant in … Read More

Taiwan: The Kingdom of Fruit

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If you’ve travelled much of Asia, you’ll have observed the generous diversity of fresh fruits these countries have on offer – Taiwan is certainly no exception. There’s a reason it’s coined ‘The Kingdom of Fruits’.   Taiwan’s subtropical climate is favourable for horticultural production. The mountainous island offers a range of humidity and temperature conditions that allow for a variety … Read More

Why are there so many churches in Keelung?

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Keelung, Taiwan: a city that attracts tourists from far and wide with its ornate temples, scattered shrines, and peaceful pockets of Buddhist and Taoist spirituality. Any Westerner who is lucky enough to find themselves in Taiwan will quickly be struck by the abundance of temples which decorate the quiet streets, bringing them to life with glowing red lanterns and the … Read More

5 Must-watch Films and Series inspired by Keelung

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Cinematic journey through Keelung You might be interested to find that Keelung has served as a backdrop for various films and series, offering viewers a glimpse into its unique charm and character. From acclaimed dramas to futuristic thrillers, there are notable works that draw inspiration from or prominently feature the city and its surroundings. Let’s take a cinematic journey through … Read More

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