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Amazing Photo Spots In Keelung

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Amazing Photo Spots: Keelung For Photography Lovers 

I’m definitely not a professional photographer, but from time to time I just enjoy grabbing my camera, going for a walk and seeing what motives jump in front of my lens. During my stay in Keelung, my camera quickly became a permanent resident in my daypack. I learned from my mistake of not taking it on my first walk and swore to myself this will never happen again.

photo spots, Concrete meets plants in Keelung
Concrete meets plants in Keelung

Because: Keelung is actually very beautiful to photograph. It comes with many enchanting photo spots – popular and hidden ones. Photo spots in Keelung can mean:

  • great views, 
  • lost places, 
  • interesting harbor scenes, 
  • impressive nature, 
  • beautiful butterflies, 
  • urban jungle, 
  • food and cozy night market atmosphere, 
  • colorful temples
  • and more

I’d like to share with you my selection of nice photo spots in the city and in some cases directly provide the link where to find it on google maps.

Photo strolling through Keelung

First of all: Keelung is not only a very inspiring city to look at, but also very walkable. I often enjoy just letting my feet take me around the city, have a look around and see if I find something interesting that I would like to capture on film. For urban photo enthusiasts there are enough secret and inspiring sceneries worth finding, I assure you.

Interesting window and shop sign
Interesting window and shop sign

So if you happen to have the time, I just encourage you to grab your camera and get ready to explore. Here is a small selection of what I came across by just walking around. 

Sunshine over the roof tops and mountains in Keelung
Sunshine over the roof tops and mountains in Keelung
Industrial versus nature scenery
Industrial versus nature scenery
Sleeping shop cat (but not for sale)
Sleeping shop cat (but not for sale)
Feline street view
Feline street view

If you have a tighter schedule or show an interest beyond a tourist perspective in the memories and history of the city, there is also the option to attend a guided photo tour through the city which takes you and your camera to the special corners of the city.

Zhengbin Port Colour Houses

This is the place to be if you are looking for some photos of Keelung to fluff up your instagram page. It is probably the most instagrammable photo spot in Keelung and if you have a look at the cute rainbow houses, which were freshly painted in 2018, you know why. 

It almost immediately becomes Selfie o’clock when you visit this place in Keelung, so say cheese!

Shiny happy colors at Zhengbin Port
Shiny happy colors at Zhengbin Port – so cute!

Location: Zhengbin Port Google Maps 

Agenna Shipyard Relics

Just a stone’s throw from the Zengbin Port Color Houses the contrast at Agenna Shipyard Relics couldn’t be greater: Without doubt, the ruin is one of the most interesting photo spots in Keelung and will bring some lost place atmosphere in your photo album. 

Built in the Japanese era and used for collecting gold from the nearby Jinguashi mine as well as to transport minerals to Japan, its golden days are long over. What is left is a deserted place that fires up the imagination and the wish to grab my camera. In fact, not only for me: In the past years, it became one of Taiwan’s most popular abandoned places.

Agenna ship yard
Only the core of the old Agenna Shipyard is left – the plants seem to like it

Here you go to visit the Agenna Shipyard Relics on Google Maps

If you are in the mood for some more nautic lost place atmosphere, it can easily be found if in close proximity. Just wander a little around the Zhengbin Port and you will be rewarded with photos like this:

Old rusty boat in Keelung Zhengbin Harbor
Boat in a mix of color and rust

Food photography at Miaokou Night Market

Miaokou Night Market is not only the place to find yourself the hell of a delicious snack, it’s also extremely photogenic when it is dark. Whether steaming pots, the warm glimmering yellow lanterns, the appetizing color of the freshly fried crabs, interesting looking sea food which you rarely find in any Western parts of this world, finding motifs full of atmosphere will be not hard at all. 

The only difficulty you’ll have to face is how to manage to snack (maybe also some crazy food) and snap at the same time.

Cozy night market flair in Keelung
Cozy night market flair in Keelung

Pro tip: Use a wooden stick to avoid some greasy finger marks finding their way on your camera.

You find the night market here for your photo session.

Good photo spot in Keelung for Urban Jungle

Wild-looking electricity pylons, houses packed close together, city traffic, hundreds of signs – photos with an urban jungle flair have a special charm to me. With its only around 360.000 inhabitants Keelung is anything but overcrowded, but there is a dense core which offers interesting views and perspectives to capture urban jungle motifs. 

The busy side of Keelung: signs, cables and cars
Picturing the busy side of Keelung

For example, here in this road close to the Maritime Plaza in the center of the city.

Zhongshan Bridge

The blue iconic corridor – the Zhongshan Bridge in Keelung – was not only starring in the 2001 Taiwanese movie “Millenium Mambo”, it also has the potential to be the architectural star in your photographs. This windy pedestrian bridge, which is the oldest bridge across a railway in Taiwan, is about 200 meters long and brings you some interesting angles.

If you catch cloudy weather the whole atmosphere in your photos will change, perfect for some monochromatic shoots. 

Here is your starting point for a photo shoot.

Zhongshan Bridge
Sunshine in the Zhongshan Bridge

Butterflies of Keelung

Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at, but also a popular model for macro photography. Luckily, Keelung in summertime has heaps of it. On my favorite hike in Keelung’s hills to Mount Hongdan I came across a wide variety and many who weren’t shy. It is not for nothing that Keelung used to be called the city of butterflies.

Butterfly on a leave in Keelung
This butterfly shows what he got

Keelung’s photogenic landmarks

If you like to get some inspiration on what else to see, here is our article about the 10 best things to do and see (and to take pictures of) in Keelung.

Keelungs famous and impressive Zhupu Altar in Zhongzheng Park
Keelung’s famous and impressive Zhupu Altar in Zhongzheng Park
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