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Mega Store: Indonesian Foods Finds a Home Near Keelung Port

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In the bustling streets of Keelung, Taiwan. As the city embraces cultural diversity, it also has cultivated an environment for Muslim travelers. One of them lies a hidden gem, a taste of Indonesia brought to life by a passionate Indonesian business owner. I had the privilege to talk with Mrs. Meganti, the owner of an Indonesian minimarket and restaurant in Keelung. Through her journey, she introduces Indonesian cuisine to the locals.

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The Absence of Indonesian Food and the Emergence of the Mega Store

What brings you to Keelung?

Mrs. Mega’s story begins over 25 years ago when she married a Taiwanese man and made Taiwan her home. Reflecting on her early days in Taiwan, Mrs.Mega noticed the absence of Indonesian food options in Keelung. Driven by her love for Indonesian cuisine and a desire to share it with others, she set out to introduce the Taiwanese palate to the flavors of her homeland.

What challenges have you faced in operating an Indonesian food business in Keelung?

Operating an Indonesian food business in Keelung has its share of hurdles. Mrs. Mega highlights the challenge of sourcing halal ingredients and adhering to strict criteria to ensure compliance with Islamic dietary laws. Additionally, the demands of running the business single-handedly pose a constant struggle, emphasizing the dedication and hard work required to uphold its standards. Moreover, the language barrier persisted, making it challenging to communicate with customers and address their needs effectively. However, through perseverance and determination, she overcame these obstacles, gradually learning the language and establishing connections with the customers.

Halal Certification from Chinese Muslim Association

How do you source your ingredients, particularly those specific to Indonesian cuisine?

Through networking, she overcame these obstacles and established connections with suppliers that are willing to cater to her needs. These suppliers ensure the availability of essential ingredients, to help her maintain the authenticity of her dishes.

Are there any seasonal or regional specialties from Indonesia that you incorporate into your menu?

Mrs. Mega takes pride in offering a diverse menu of Indonesian cuisine. During Ramadan, this restaurant features sweet delicacies, such as Pineapple Cookies and Kolak, which are some of the signature sweets that Muslim in Indonesia loves to eat after fasting. Beyond Ramadan, she also sells an array of Indonesian snacks, such as Kue Lapis, Gethuk, etc. Moreover, during the hot summer months, customers can cool off with a refreshing Indonesian dessert, called Es Campur.

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How to order in Mega Store?

To place an order, you can come to Mega Store at this location, where you’ll have the choice to select items directly from the menu. Alternatively, if you prefer to choose your own food, she will gladly assist you in calculating the total cost after you pick the food that you want. Additionally, if you have a specific Indonesian dish in mind that isn’t listed on the menu, you can reach out to Mrs. Mega via her Facebook account. She’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

Mrs.Mega’s journey illustrates the power of passion and perseverance in bringing a taste of her home to Taiwan. Through her shop, she not only satisfies the cravings of the Indonesian people but also introduces Taiwanese locals to the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesia.  Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the unifying power of food in bridging cultures and communities. So, the next time you find yourself in Keelung, be sure to pay a visit to Mrs. Mega’s establishment and embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant taste of Indonesia cuisine.

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