Special people bringing Vietnamese Flavor into Keelung

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Not really often but sometimes, I still catch familiar sounds of our language or smell Vietnamese’s favorite food while wandering on Taiwan’s road. That is a very touching moment for me when traveling in another country. Being curious, I started looking more closely and that was the way an interesting story began.  Promising land for Vietnamese women During the period … Read More

Chiang Kai-shek’s Statues in Keelung

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Formerly Taiwan’s public places, schools, parks, and government offices featured approximately 45,000 statues of the former president of the Republic of China (ROC), Chiang Kai-shek.[1] Although the removal of Chiang’s statues and symbols of oppression began in the late 1980s and 1990s, thousands of statues still stood in public spaces well into the 21st century. Since the start of Taiwan’s … Read More

History Lessons from a Butcher in Huilong Market: Culture of Traditional Markets

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Culture of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets | Characteristics of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets | Disappearing Traditional Markets | History of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets Compared its heydays, Huilong Market is finding it harder to attract passerby and a steady stream of patrons. The vendors instead rely on their regulars to sustain them. During Keelung For A Walk’s interview with Zhou, a butcher at … Read More

Living Like a Local in Keelung

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Keelung is one of the few places I’ve visited where I’ve spent days without seeing another tourist, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve loved staying here. Sometimes it can be hard to get off the beaten track and find somewhere truly authentic; yet Keelung is a place that I feel really offers that experience (as well as being very … Read More

Keelung’s Abandoned Mansion

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There’s something so exciting about escaping the busy streets of a city and discovering a piece of forgotten and abandoned history. If you’re interested in urban exploration, the ruins of this Keelung’s abandoned mansion called the Khóo Tsú-song Old House (Qingyu Hall) are well worth a visit! Walking through the streets of Keelung, I had noticed a few eerie-looking old … Read More

5 Things To Do In Keelung City

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Keelung City is a port city located in the northeastern part of Taiwan. It’s just about 30 minutes from the capital Taipei by bus, which is perfect for a day trip! The city was founded by the Spanish in 1626 and has been subject to various international influences since then. Major historical periods include the Spanish Empire, the Qing Dynasty, … Read More

Discover the Keelung Night Parade

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The Keelung Night Parade takes place two weeks after the end of the Ghost Month. When the time comes, huge dancing figures take over the streets of Keelung. The entire city gets wrapped by the smoke from firecrackers and the smell of incense. The usual noise of the motorcycles is replaced by melodies from trumpets and drums. And people of … Read More

A Keelung Ghost Festival Walking Tour

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I recently had the privilege of joining a very special walking tour with Keelung For A Walk: The Ghost Festival Tour. Despite the fact that there are currently no English tours happening (and likely won’t be for some time as COVID-19 has meant such restrictive travel measures), I was able to accompany the group for a Chinese tour, of which … Read More

7 Historic and Forgotten Forts Around Keelung

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There are only a handful of countries in the world that have survived to the modern day while having been coveted by so many major powers. Some famous ones like Poland springs to mind. Sandwiched between larger neighbors and even disappearing off the map for a good century, they’ve had a less than enviable history. Or Vietnam, a country that’s … Read More

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