Secret Coast: Daping (Sea-Eroded Terrain of Badouzi)

Yehliu has the “Queen’s Head” rock; in Badouzi, there is a secret mushroom hidden from plain sight. This is an intertidal zone you should definitely discover. In spring, the tide brings green and lush seaweed up on the rocky stones. The local visitors splash in the waves, and the sea lady squeezes through the caves underwater to get fresh seafood. Keelung Islet looks comparably close, like a sea lion in this place. When the sun goes down, the mountain’s shape and the eroded terrain reflect their layers on the water. The reflection is a very beautiful scene to behold.

Transportation: It’s a 15-minute walk from NMMST. Facing Badouzi, follow the right hand side and walk until the end. Then, turn right to find an entrance between the mountain and breakwater zone.



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