Located 30km from Taipei, Keelung is one of the hidden treasures of Taiwan. Rich in culture and heritage the town is not something you should miss during your trip. To help you take it all in without getting distracted, we are offering you a tour you will never forget.

A chance to see Keelung as a local, this tour includes a three-hour walking time that is carefully designed to cover all the exciting secrets of Keelung.  A cultural adventure like no other, where you get to interact with the locals and learn about the city from those who have spent their entire life there.

The tour includes a small group that is led by a bilingual and knowledgeable guide. This way everyone gets attention and can take in the space as a local would. The perfect way to spend your day in Keelung, as it offers an in-depth and deep tour of the city that will leave you with intimate knowledge about its history and culture.