Keelung History in an Alley: Columbus Bar

Pub culture in Keelung history started with the US involvement during the Vietnam War era. Keelung was a holiday destination for the US Army. Many American soldiers at that time brought new businesses to Keelung such as bars, consignment stores, and jeans shops. After the war, soldiers left, and with the gradual decline of the Port of Keelung, Japanese and South Korean sailors and hostesses also left. The western bars gradually decreased from 18 in the heyday from 18 to fewer and fewer until today, where the only remnant is Columbus Bar.

The beautiful alley where Columbus Bar is located is also the one built in the earliest development of the Qing Dynasty. You will see some old red-brick buildings, consignment stores, and Dai Ming Temple overlooking the alley. Come see a different time in this quiet part of Keelung.

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