A Different Lantern Festival in Yehliu

Nearly 200 years ago, the Queen’s Head looked at the deity Sacred King – founder of Zhangzhou – floating in the sea.

When visitors think about coming to northern Taiwan, many people put Yehliu on the list for its special geological landscape formed over millions of years. In fact, Yehliu has an interesting legend. In 1820, there was one unmanned boat more advanced than Google’s unmanned vehicles. This boat carried a statue of the deity and building materials floating outside Yehliu Harbor. Yehliu residents thought this was truly amazing, so they took the materials and turned them into BoaAn Temple.

During the annual Lantern Festival, to bless Yehliu fishermen for a safe departure and return and a big catch, fellows carrying a palanquin jumped into the port. This is one of Taiwan’s most unique festivals. Around noon, warriors can be seen carrying a palanquin and firewalking. The big group starts the procession. The BoaAn Temple also keeps the tradition; residents offer offering big piles of rice packs to giant tortoises for the blessing of the new year.



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