Zhongshan Bridge: The Blue Corridor in the Image of Dr. Hou Hsiao-Hsien


Whether it’s day or night, the “winding blue corridor” is filled with variation. You can see the actress Shu Qi on a midnight stroll and dance on the dreamy Zhongshan Bridge, enjoying a moment of freedom in the opening of the film “Millennium Mambo.” In this movie, Lin Qiang’s song, “A Pure Person,” paints a vivid picture for movie fans. The blue bridge spans above the Keelung railway. Our most recent impression is the collapse of a 22-year-old girl falling together with the bridge on the railway. She instantly got amnesia, and this area became linked to a strange kind of sadness.

Zhongshan Bridge is the oldest bridge across a railway in Taiwan. It was named Takasago before being rebuilt, and it linked immigrant settlement Seine-Tsai-Liu (this region was the main passage in高砂町Takasagomachi during the Japanese occupation) to Keelung Train Station. In order to benefit a larger area, this bridge was made like a few blue belts on Keelung railway. It carries over 40 years of Keelung history, and many locals have childhood memories seeing trains arrive and depart from here. Today, this is not possible due to the construction of a semi-underground railway.

Zhongshan Bridge is a shortcut connecting Keelung Train Station to An 1st Road. Visitors interested in local cuisine can walk across the bridge. Walk another 50 meters and you will find a food stand serving Taiwanese wheel cake, which originated from the Japanese dessert, “Imagawayaki.” Opposite from this stand is Rougeng Restaurant, which is known for its braised pork rice.

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