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Well known for rainy city, Keelung is a port city situated in the northeast part of Taiwan, the hill and the sea are connected in this natural harbor, eagles flying above the port, full of life of plebeian and traditional cuisine in the alleys, formed another kind of Taiwanese style. The scene here reflects the story of past colonists and also is a microcosm of Taiwan’s hundreds of years of history.

Keelung terrain is a U-shaped harbor, surrounded by green hills, to experience the alleys of the hill and vast from mountain’s summit, stroll around Keelung is environment-friendly and also economic. Driving will bring traffic jam in the city center, if riding a bike; will be difficult to do uphill. Public transportation is convenient, to the suburb area of Keelung , rickety buses can be used to experience a real taste of local life.

There are many Taiwan famous scenic spots around Keelung, such as a mountain village Jiufen Jinguashih prosperous because of the gold rush, world-class eroded terrain Yehliu, mining town Pinghsi popular for railroad scenery, where Zhu Ming Art Museum located Jinshan.

This City “rarely” appear on the travel map of Taiwan neither travel books, Keelung for a walk invite you to take a stroll to explore this hidden landscape in Taiwan!