Eddie’s cafe Et Tiramisu

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Three or four years ago, the first time visited Eddie’s coffee, in the halfway, my classmate asked me suspiciously: “Is here the right area to have the coffee shop?! ” Walk into the café, took a bite on the mentioned Grilled black coffee and tiramisu, my classmate laughed and said: “Fortunately, we didn’t not skip it in the halfway, it’s really delicious.”

The gossip said: Eddie’s boss Eddie is difficult to deal with, it is not true! After entering the café with Eddie’s greeting, pick your own table and sat down, basically no one will bother you. To make an order of cafe, remember to take a pen and paper at the bar counter, freely smell the aroma from any bottle of the coffee bean, write your order down on paper.

Look for dessert? Look up at the blackboard, and you will find the answer! Finally, give the paper written meals to Eddie and sit back, after a few minutes the coffee in retro mug and dessert will show up in front of you.

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