Market X Café: Mini Market Café, Way Cup Café

Keelung is famous for its delicious local cuisine, but another thing you might need to about the city is the heavy café culture. It’s probably more pervasive than you had imagined. The habit of drinking coffee comes from the Japanese colonial period. It’s considered a fashion to have drinks at a café due to Western influences, and now it has simply become a great way to spend time and chat. Keelungers can find cafés anywhere: under the arcade, in the alleys, and even in the traditional market! These cafés offer their drinks and foods at reasonable prices so Keelungers can drink chat outside every day!

Mini Market Café

If you pass by the traditional market in Keelung, in addition to checking the seasonal fruits and fish, give yourself a fresh cup of coffee, blending the flavors and smells of this island.

Way Cup Café

Its name is asking you to wake up and drink coffee. This café opens as early as the opening time of the nearby XinYi market – at 7 AM!!! When the market ladies are busy pushing their stands into the arcade, the café also welcome them to escape the noisiness of the market. The cat “Mao Mao” was originally a stray cat. When she was pregnant, she visited here for food and ended up becoming part of the billboard for this café.

It opens at 8AM on weekends.


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