A Breakfast of Scallion Pancakes from Zhou Jia Soy Milk Store

Keelungers love strong flavors, and breakfast is no exception. A typical breakfast combines dry noodles, pancakes, and wonton soup. There are many well-known scallion pancake restaurants, but the approach of making scallion pancakes differs in each. Typically, they fry the pancakes first, then they bake them in ovens. Zhou Jia’s are full of scallion, giving them a fragrant and rich taste. They are flaky and not greasy, and this practice won over a lot of people searching for the best scallion pancake spot.

In addition to scallion pancakes, you can’t miss the restaurant’s wonton soup, which is even better than many wonton restaurants. The wontons are big and thick. Gently bite the thin skin, and you will taste the delicious wonton meat. Usually, people have one regular pancake, one egg pancake, and a bowl of wonton soup. Try this, and you will satisfy your stomach in the morning time! On the weekend at Zhou Jia, be prepared to line up. The boss can get a bit anxious, but you can just relax and enjoy the excellent meal.


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