Jiufen: A day trip from Keelung

Jiufen is one of the most touristic spots in Taiwan and a must visit place for many travellers. It is barely 15 km away from Keelung and you can easily get there by bus in around 50 minutes (Bus number … Read More

The Window of Keelung Port: YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum

The window of Keelung is always facing the ocean, and over the past few centuries the oceanic culture of the region has accumulated rich and diverse imprints and experiences. In the mid-nineteenth century (1863), Keelung Port opened, and it served an … Read More

Taiwan Street Food Treat: Dorayaki

The Taiwan street food scene is a wonderland filled with delicious and affordable food treats that every traveller should try. They offer insight into Taiwan’s checkered history showcasing food influences from China, Hong Kong, Japan and even France. Around every street … Read More