Why is there a French cemetery in Keelung?

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Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, … Taiwan is known for the numerous country that either tread its ground and even battled it. France is one of them. Today, there still is a place to witness the vestiges of this historical conflict: Keelung French cemetery. The war behind Keelung French cemetery The corpses buried in the cemetery belong to the French soldiers … Read More

Experience Taiwan history up close: The Ershawan Fort in Keelung

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Visiting Keelung History Up Close Before we get to the Ershawan Fort in Keelung, let’s talk history. If you’ve ever been sightseeing in Taipei, you’ve probably noticed that there are hardly any pre-World War II sites left. Taipei is, generally speaking, a city that was deprived of its historical shape by the politics Kuomintang Party governing after the war. It … Read More