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We offer a range of walking tours, most of which are premised on us sharing the culture, food and history of our city with you. Currently, we offer our special Midnight Fish Market Tour, as well as a Cultural Adventure and a Night Market Food Tour.

An English-Chinese local guide, a personal headset, local food and drinks and KFW designed map brochure. We use headsets not only to make it easier for participants, but because it is far less disruptive to the locals than talking over a loudspeaker.

In order to provide our Keelung-for-a-walk Tour with the best quality by accessing the attendance beforehand, a prior online registration is needed.

We don’t only offer scheduled walking tours, but also private tours, please message us through Private Tour page or email us at to inquire. We will try our best to make alternative arrangements that work for you.

Private tours are limited so we strongly recommend reserving well in advance. Private vehicles often sell out 1-3 weeks in advance. Don’t delay, reserve today!

Yes, we have a KFW designed map brochure offered to show you what can be found in this city and surrounded area, Taiwan food intro and where can find them in Keelung, we are happy to share all the information related to POI, transportation, good restaurants, etc.

Yes, tours are held under rain or shine, it will go on as arranged unless we inform you otherwise. Keelung may be the City of Rain, but we are all-weather!

We work in fields that help support the city’s many cultural activities such as publication and lecture. Rather than guides, we are story tellers. Our team works hard to offer these tours because we are truly passionate about our city and would love to share this passion with you. Join us on one of our tours and discover the different face of Keelung!

For more information, please visit About Us page.

No, we support our local community and we do not accept any commissions.

We are unable to refund cancellations because we would have already made preparations for your participation. That being said, we will make a goodwill exception if you are able to email us proof of medical emergency.

We have had many children and senior citizens participate in our tours, and they have had a great time.  However, if you have serious health concerns, please make your participation conditional on your doctor having given you the green light. For those who have difficulties walking, please message us through Private Tour page or email us at to inquire. We will try our best to make alternative arrangements that work for you.

Vegetarian / Food allergies etc. are accommodated, be sure to indicate specific dietary concerns when registering, on-the-spot accommodations can be made for you.

Yes, we will schedule short rest stops, refreshment breaks and bathroom breaks. Don’t worry, we will not be walking non-stop!

Just a drink, an umbrella in case of rain, and yourself!  Also, make sure you come in comfortable footwear.

Yes, but we recommend that children are over 4 years old so they can benefit from the tour.

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