Mega Store: Indonesian Foods Finds a Home Near Keelung Port

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In the bustling streets of Keelung, Taiwan. As the city embraces cultural diversity, it also has cultivated an environment for Muslim travelers. One of them lies a hidden gem, a taste of Indonesia brought to life by a passionate Indonesian business owner. I had the privilege to talk with Mrs. Meganti, the owner of an Indonesian minimarket and restaurant in … Read More

Working in Keelung: An experienced trailer driver and cargo handler

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Guo, Zhengfu’s professional background: Guo, Zhengfu, born in 1965, is a skilled professional who operates trailers, forklifts, and cranes in the China International Container Terminal Co. (CICT) in Keelung Port. In this interview, he shares his extensive work experience and technical knowledge about these vehicles. He jokes that his path to becoming a trailer driver was unconventional. Guo did not … Read More

Keelung Reflections: Hou Hsiao Hsien, the Master of Nostalgic Cinema

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A stationary camera, few movements of the actors and a posed rhythm, these are the peculiarities of Hou Hsiao Hsien, one of the most important directors of Taiwanese cinema who often chose Keelung as the ideal place to place his lens. Hou was born in 1947 in Guandong, mainland China, and moved to Taiwan shortly afterwards. The untimely death of … Read More

From “Sea Women” to the Sea of Change: Seaweed, Goggles, and Climate Change

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Walking through the villages surrounding Keelung all the way from Yehliu 野柳, Heping Island 和平島, and Badouzi 八斗子 to Longdong 龍洞 and Aodi 澳底, the golden braids of suntanned “stone flower vegetable” 石花菜 cover the empty street corners. Occasionally, there is a sign by the road advertising “stone flower jelly” 石花凍, sold by the enigmatic “sea women” 海女, whose “culture” … Read More

Keelung’s Traditional Markets: Looking at the History and Changes Through the Lens of Mian Jie Fish Stall

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The memories of Keelung’s traditional market | Grocery shopping in Keelung Mian Jie Fish Stall is situated within Huilong Market. Because the lady boss does not know how to ride a motorcycle, she has struck a long-standing deal with the ice merchant to deliver the fishes that she picks early each morning from Kanziding Fish Market to her stall alongside … Read More

Uncovering the Warmth of Koufu Food in Huilong Market

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 Koufu food & Huilong Market  The second generation owner of Koufu Food, Chen Yuan Yuan On a cool afternoon in Keelung, Taiwan, the aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air as we make our way to Koufu Food (口福食品) on Ren’er Road, where fried twisted dough and buns have become synonymous with the bakery. However, the second-generation owner, Chen … Read More

Hello Keelung walkers, let’s go for a swim at the Heping Island Park!

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  Swimming in Winter? I arrived in Keelung at the start of winter in Taiwan (January), and I was told that it would be too cold to swim in the ocean just outside of my window (more or less). I, of course, felt an inconsolable sadness after hearing this as one of my favorite hobbies was to swim with aquatic … Read More

Taiwan culture: Experiences of Life in the Interplay of Yin and Yang Realms: Differences Between Taoist Priests’ Perspective on the Hungry Ghost Festival and ‘Muggles'”

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  In large and small ceremonies, Taoist priests wearing Taoist robes can be seen performing pujas on the spot, chanting words. In the eyes of ordinary people, Taoist priests are at different levels from us “Muggles”. “The hot man, shuttling through one puja after another, is there any secret that is unknown? In their eyes, what kind of existence is … Read More

The Amazing Hospitality of Taiwanese People

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The hospitality of Taiwanese People “Taiwanese people are the most generous and kind people we’ve ever met.” I’ve heard this statement from several people who have visited Taiwan previously. Many also said that the people of Taiwan are some of the most amazing people they’d ever met. I was very fortunate to experience two overwhelming experiences of this myself, both … Read More

Taiwan Culture: Interview with Beiguan Musician Chen Wenji

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For musician Chen Wen-Ji, Beiguan music was a chance discovery that led to a lifelong love affair.   Origins of Beiguan Music In a cramped room with no heating or light, I sat with my friend Mila across Chen Wen-Ji in an informal interview setting. Distant suonas (嗩呐) cut through the air with its uniquely loud screeching, gus (鼓; drums) … Read More

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