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Taiwan culture: Experiences of Life in the Interplay of Yin and Yang Realms: Differences Between Taoist Priests’ Perspective on the Hungry Ghost Festival and ‘Muggles'”

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In large and small ceremonies, Taoist priests wearing Taoist robes can be seen performing pujas on the spot, chanting words. In the eyes of ordinary people, Taoist priests are at different levels from us “Muggles”. “The hot man, shuttling through one puja after another, is there any secret that is unknown? In their eyes, what kind of existence is a good brother? Yudu Wandering interviewed three priests who have practiced for many years. They have presided over large and small Purdue Dharma meetings. Some of them have participated in the Zhongyuan Festival since they were five years old. Occupation is covered with a layer of mystery.

Seeking Taoism because of family background

The reason why he entered this industry is mostly because of his family background. The family has been engaged in Taoist work for several generations. It is also because of the influence he has heard since he was a child. Daoist Li Wuji even studied with his father at the age of 5, and officially went out to participate in religious affairs at the age of 11; Daoist You Kun is a Taoist family with a long history. The elders used to sell herbal medicines in Zhangzhou to treat diseases . “Ten ways and nine doctors”. His father was a Taoist priest from the age of 17 until he was 91 years old. There are about 10 relatives who are Taoist priests; but not everyone who grew up in a Taoist family can accept the matter of “succession”. Taoist Master Xie Fuji did not start learning Taoist work until after graduating from high school, and made up his mind to work full-time. Before becoming a Taoist priest, I also worked in advertising. Whenever the first month of the lunar calendar and the seventh month began to be busy, I would go home to help. Taoist Zhang Jinhu also entered the Taoist altar after several turns in his life.

IMG 9428
Caption: Daoist Li Youkun.

Daoist Li Youkun : “My grandfather came from Jinshan (Keelung) at the beginning, and he was from Zhao’an, Zhangzhou. My grandfather and uncle sold herbal medicines there to treat diseases. My father used the prescriptions of Shanghanlun to treat diseases. Family tradition. In the past “Ten Taos and Nine Medicines”, Taoist priests were all doctors. In the past, medicine was underdeveloped, and Taoist priests had such functions, so my grandfather and father used this kind of herbal medicine. My grandfather used to call him a child fairy. … ⋯, Grandpa, I have never seen it. When my father15years old, my grandpa passed away, so I have not seen it. I only listened to what my father said. My father became a17until he was91.


IMG 2830
Picture: Daoist Li Wuji.



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Picture: Various spells are not only rituals, but also a source of peace of mind.


Daoist Li Wuji : “I started learning Taoist Kungfu from my father and grandfatherwas 5years old, and I started to go out to earn money when I was11or13My two sons are also Taoist priests. Now most of the Zhongyuan Festival comes from them. I am in charge of diplomacy outside. If someone wants to hire us to go to the temple to eliminate disasters, I will approach them. Most of the pujas are attended by the two sons. Do, I just go down occasionally, I am now in charge of the backcourt and contacting those in charge.”

Taoist Master Xie Fuji : “My great-grandfather used to be in the Fozu Temple (Ciyun Temple). The earliest abbot of Ciyun Temple was my great-grandfather. His name was Xie Juwan, and he was our first generation. My grandfather because of During the Japanese occupation era, medicine was underdeveloped, so he passed away very early. My fatherwent to learn Taoism from a teacher when he was13and he went to Daiming Palace as a teacher at the age of 16.

Taoist Master Zhang Jinhu : “My grandfather was a gentleman who knew how to pick up bones, read Fengshui, and read geography. When I was not a Taoist, I never thought I would take this line of work from the beginning to the end. After going around in life, I still came into contact with thisIn fact, I want to be a Taoist priest who follows fate, because I don’t want to care about temples or altars, and I will be locked up and unable to run all day.”

close to ghosts and gods but not far away

In the hearts of ordinary “Muggles”, most people think that people like “Taoist” who need to communicate with another world should be able to “see”, “To be honest, I can’t see gods, and I can’t touch ghosts.” It is completely a kind of belief. Religion is a kind of belief and belief. We worship God as if God exists.” Taoist Master Xie Fuji said that there is no difference between seeing and invisible, and respecting gods and ghosts. Most Keelung people are not too afraid of ghosts. In fact, it is because Keelung has many souls who lost their lives due to shipwrecks, wars, fighting with weapons, fishing, and mining. Therefore, in the eyes of Keelung people, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is not just about ghosts . The moon is the month of Purdue full of compassion, so, for the Taoist master who shuttles between the Yin and Yang worlds, what kind of existence are ghosts and gods?

Daoist Li Youkun : “If you say that ghosts are in the Yin world and gods are in the Yang world, aren’t we human beings between gods and ghosts? Of course, lonely souls regard ghosts as relatives. We respect ghosts and gods, not like Confucius said, “Respect ghosts and gods.” And far away, ghosts are also our relatives, we let them go to another world, we still believe, like Christianity says “meet in heaven”, everyone returns together, so the so-called “ghosts” are not so scary.”


9DC4 56
Photo: Taoist Zhang Jinhu.


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Picture: As the “God Spokesperson”, Daoist Zhang Jinhu’s Weichengtan has posted many community certificates of appreciation.


Daoist Zhang Jinhu : “The gods really have to show their strengths. You are just a spokesperson, and you are just a spokesperson in front of him. The real key is that the gods follow you. There was a saying in the past that “Gods and people are necessary.” I will follow you, and if God is not right, there is no way to do it. A lot of it is like accepting surprises, and many of the people who came to accept it were collected but could not deal with it. After passing through my hands, it will be fine. God’s power is manifested, when he wants to show his power, he just let the believers feel it through me, this is my feeling.”

Daoist Li Wuji : “The gods are to learn from their mentality, not to ask the gods to give me money. If this kind of god blesses you, you don’t have to worship it. That kind of god may be an evil god. Some people say that the more gold paper you burn, the more money you burn. Gods will bless a lot and make a lot of money. There is no need to worship this kind of god. Those who “exchange money for money” are called corrupt officials. When gods and saints don’t care about money, so do sacrifices to animals. For the sake of his Wu Zang Temple, as I said just now, the emperor wanted to be a wise king and wanted to eat, drink and have fun, so he came up with a worship ceremony for everyone to enjoy. In the past, there were few supplies, so the Sanyuan Festival was added four times a year. It’s all people’s own thinking. Come out, you have to learn the spirit of God, and learn from them when they contribute. …, Mr. Wan Shan, you can be a god, you can be a good brother, as long as he doesn’t harm people.”


P 20200504 191954
Picture: Daoist Xie Fuji.


IMG 2923
Figure: Scripture display.


Daoist Xie Fuji : “To my good brother, we should just respect him, because there must be a reason for him not being able to transcend. We are out of compassion, and we can give you as much as we can. Let’s get rid of it and let us live in peace. I think what should be done is the ancestors, and the ancestors are your relatives. Only then can you know which side is right or wrong for him, and only then can you know which side to help him repent and which side to help him Only by doing meritorious deeds can he be reborn as soon as possible.”

It is important to do meritorious deeds, but it is more important to be kind to one’s ancestors first

Speaking of Purdue, there are public and private Pudu in Keelung. It can be said that Taiwan is the most proficient in “Pu” and the most inseparable from “Pu”. In the early days when the dock union was popular, it was even more lively, let alone the entire seventh month of the lunar calendar. There are several performances in one day alone. For Keelung people, the Zhongyuan Festival is not only about watching the dazzling parade jubilant, but also enjoying the splendid scenery of water lanterns. Yi, all for the matter of “Purdu”. For Keelung people, Purdue is gentle, “I hope that you, who are unfamiliar with you, will have a good life in another world”, but before Purdue has no owner and lonely soul, and do meritorious deeds, you must take good care of your ancestors , come to Purdue again if you have the spare capacity.


AA9B 25
Figure: magic weapon.


Taoist Master Zhang Jinhu : “We say Keelung is the most popular in July. There are many communities, markets, and streets. In the past, it was very common in Purdu because it used to be an agricultural society and it was more traditional. You can do it almost every day. Seeing Purdue. .. ., I don’t think it’s going to be a bad place, because we sincerely help him chant scriptures and do things for him. Zhongyuan is the forgiveness of sins, the local officials of Zhongyuan forgive sins, this is the best time for liberation.”

Daoist Xie Fuji : “The greatest meaning of Purdue is to do meritorious deeds. Purdue the old man and good brother. If you don’t know the old man or good brother, helping them to do Purdue is like us ordinary people going to nursing homes and nursing homes to do services and relief. It’s like doing meritorious deeds.⋯⋯, what month is July? Is it the ghost month? July is the “month of teaching filial piety”, a month to teach you filial piety. My method of offering sacrifices to Purdue in the Zhongyuan is based on the ancestors. You don’t know the old grandpa and good brothers, but you should know your grandpa and grandma, right? I often say that my ancestors are not supernatural and don’t supernatural, but you go to transcend those you don’t know. , Isn’t this funny? The Zhongyuan Festival I do must be super-extended first, if it is done for the Huang Clan Association, I must first super-extend the ancestors of the Huang Clan Association, and then go to Purdue with the remaining strength.”

Daoist Li Youkun : “The meaning is that we often ask people to know how to repay and be grateful. That is compassion. In terms of Taoism, that is saving people. Marriage of different bones, sympathy and kindness, Taoism requires us to have a compassionate heart, and the world of mortals is also to save others and ourselves.”

Daoist Li Wuji : “But speaking deeply, the Zhongyuan worship and the Sanyuan Festival pray to the three officials and the earth to eliminate disasters and disasters, and give alms to lonely souls and wild ghosts. Why do you want to give alms? Firstly, it is to respect the gods, and secondly, it is a great blessing. Be merciful, give alms to homeless ghosts, your ancestors worship every day, so you don’t have to go outside to rob them.”

Peace is my greatest wish

In the face of sacrificial activities or Purdue, if it is not as deep as Keelung for the Zhongyuan Festival, it may not be possible to understand the Keelung people’s dedication to the Zhongyuan Pudu, and they will not be clear about the Keelung people’s persistence. Therefore, Zhongyuan Festival is not only about Celebrating the birthday of the magistrate emperor and giving to lonely souls and wild ghosts is to soothe the people in the world, soothe our nostalgia for our ancestors, our anxiety about unexpected disasters, and our longing for the reconciliation of the sufferings suffered by this land in the past. From the mouth of the Taoist priest, we can know that the biggest wish of us who participate in the Zhongyuan Purdue is actually peace. It is also the same mood that Purdue comes to pray for peace and prosperity in the coming year, endowing this month with a warm and hopeful connotation.


Come here to listen to the preacher’s experience 👉🏼 [Listen to Li! 】Tao Chang talked about the ceremony and spirit of Zhongyuan Festival

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|Zhongyuanbulipu 2021 : Epidemic prevention online ! |

The Zhongyuan Festival, in Keelung, is full of excitement, but apart from the excitement, Pudu is gentle – “I haven’t forgotten you, and I hope that you, who are not familiar with each other, will have a good life in another world.” The whole month’s festival is Good brothers tailor-made, from the table decoration and offering selection, you can see the care for life, collect Keelung’s social and cultural values, and commemorate the city’s past. 

This year because of “epidemic prevention needs”, almost everything is online ! Even the Chicken Cage Zhongyuan Festival has been switched to online live broadcast. Therefore, the theme of this year’s “Zhongyuan is not far away” is “epidemic prevention online “. Although it can only be seen online, the enthusiasm of Keelung people does not diminish. There are still a lot of activities, and if you can’t meet up, you will be bored to death online!

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