Chhau-a-koe: history, ingredients, preparation and when to enjoy it

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Keelung’s Bakery and Traditional Sweets Mrs Kang and her Zhongqi Western Bread Upon entering Mrs Kang shop in Keelung’s Yiqi Road, the smell of fresh bakery entices my nostrils. Then, I notice the shiny wide ovens, the steaming pots and other traditional tools, I know I’ve found the right spot to taste some Taiwanese traditional sweets. Even though Mrs Kang … Read More

Taiwan: The Kingdom of Fruit

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If you’ve travelled much of Asia, you’ll have observed the generous diversity of fresh fruits these countries have on offer – Taiwan is certainly no exception. There’s a reason it’s coined ‘The Kingdom of Fruits’.   Taiwan’s subtropical climate is favourable for horticultural production. The mountainous island offers a range of humidity and temperature conditions that allow for a variety … Read More

Keelung’s Miaokou Night Market: 5 Weird Foods

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Residents of Keelung have foregone countless late-night cravings, thanks to the non-stop operation of Keelung’s Kitchen: Miaokou Night Market. Having shortly been established around the newly built Dianji Palace in 1873 , Miaokou Night Market would continue to feed the appetites and culinary curiosity of all those who visited. If there were one thing that Miaokou Night Market couldn’t offer … Read More

Bubble Tea: Demystifying Taiwan

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If tea is the national drink of Britain, vodka is the national drink of Russia, and soju is the national drink of South Korea, then bubble tea must be the national drink of Taiwan. The origin of the bubble tea is not clear: it is sometimes said that it was invented in Taichung, some other times in Tainan. Bubble tea … Read More

The Origins of Curry in Keelung

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How Curry Arrived in Keelung As a native Keelunger, our taste for curry is much stronger than for other foods with curry-based dishes found throughout the city. Some popular types of curry in Keelung include pan-fried buns filled with curried minced meat, curry fried rice, as well as curry satay noodles. Originating in India and derived from the word kari … Read More

Coffee Shop Guide in Keelung

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Everyone talks about the tasty food in Taiwan, and how could they not! But I’d like to talk about its forgotten brother: Coffee. In this article I will tell you all about the up and coming Taiwanese coffee shop scene, so buckle up! Why am I writing about coffee? I used to own a cafe in Europe for several years … Read More

How to visit Keelung’s Night Market plastic free

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The popular night market in Keelung is a must visit when you are in the area. But did you ever wonder how much waste you are producing in a single street food tour? With a few tricks you can avoid disposable plates, cutlery and bags and visit the night market plastic free. This is a guide to a more sustainable … Read More

Keelung Night Market: Cheap Eats

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If you’re planning to visit Taiwan, do yourself a favor and head across to Keelung to try one of the famous night markets across Taiwan. An hour bus rides or a 45-50 Minute Local Train from Taipei and bam! You’re in the downtown area close to Keelung Night Market. This spans across three blocks, that includes clothing and food galore … Read More

Epic Kanziding Fish Market – number 1 attraction in Keelung!

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If you still want some adventures after enjoying some drinks at a local bar, one of the best things you could do after midnight is head to Keelung’s Kanziding Fish Market! Once you get to Kanziding Fish Market, you will be thrown directly into its lively atmosphere. Many colorful fish, big and small, are exposed in ice buckets and baskets, … Read More

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