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Keelung Street Food: Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Road

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Apart from buying fish at the Kanziding fish market in the middle of the night, there are many bustling “snappers” floating out of Yi 2nd Rd “Keelung Ginza” in the afternoon. From the beginning of junior high school, I went to school every day on the street, and I made it a point to buy Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Rd.

This place only sells Taiyaki: a Japanese fish-shaped pancake with filling, but the filling option ranges from sweet to salty, and there are 8 options. I mostly order the “low-sugar dark chocolate” or “ham and cheese.” Even enclosed in a cake full of rich filling, the bittersweet chocolate flavor Taiyaki will not make you feel tired after eating; it is simply irresistible in the aroma of fresh-baked pastry! The ham and cheese are even better, as the cheese is inserted into two slices of ham, then into the pastry. It’s recommended to start eating it immediately on the street, but be prepared for the cheese to explode!

The owner said to me, this August was the 14th anniversary of this Taiyaki booth, and I have been a loyal customer since my junior high school days. The next time you pass by Yi 2nd Rd, you should seriously stop by this place to find its queuing corner. If you do not know what to choose, you can try the bestselling filling that includes sweet red bean milk, custard, and ham and cheese. Delicious!


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