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Midnight Fish Soup at Yu Jia

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Out and about in the middle of the Keelung night, my friends gave me weird looks when I drove across the road to the deserted part of the port at 3AM, looking for a fish soup shop. “Where are you taking us? There can’t be any food stalls in this dark and desolate place!” We went all the way to the restaurant next to Siandong Elementary School, and when we saw the flashing neon lights and long line of people in front of the restaurant, they were shocked.

Seafood is a common ingredient found in Keelungese dishes. Yu Jia Fish Soup restaurant can be found in the Siando area, which has developed along with the west coast of Keelung Harbor. When the store first started, it served famished port workers after their long, tiring days. Nowadays, the cargo ships and port workers have nearly disappeared, and the store serves groups of nocturnal students, acting as their hidden night cafeteria.

A bowl of fish soup is only 30 NTD; it contains large pieces of swordfish, and its surface is floating with a thin layer of grease and slices of ginger and scallion. It will satisfy your appetite and warm your body. If you can’t stay awake until it opens at 1:30 AM, you might visit Izakaya first to have a drink.

After trying the fish soup, you can go to the Kanziding Fish Market (LINK) to experience its interesting auction activities and snack on more local delights.


Telephone:0933 934 971

Address:131 Ren An Street, Zhongshan District, Keelung City

Opening hours:1.30am until sold out, closed on Mondays


Fish Market Tour

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