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Liao Mama Bubble Tea (廖媽媽珍珠奶茶) In Keelung

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Liao Mama – An Old School Bubble Tea Shop In Keelung

No trip to Taiwan is complete without drinking ourselves full with cup after cup of bubble tea. Liao Mama Bubble Tea 廖媽媽珍珠奶茶 is a hole-in-the-wall shop in Keelung, conveniently situated walking distance from Keelung Train Station.

Today, many modern bubble tea chains like Tiger Sugar and 50 Lan have taken over the streets of Taiwan, but nothing beats the authenticity of independent shops like Liao Mama – and the many locals queueing up daily at their storefront can attest to that. To get to the shop, you have to climb up a flight of stairs from the main street. Once you enter, you’ll be greeted with an inviting space with ample seats and the friendly staff.

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The Menu of Liao Mama Bubble Tea

The store specialises in unique plum-infused drinks as well as various variations of milk tea, and is known for their signature chewy boba. The menu is mostly in Chinese, but you can always ask the counter staff for recommendations. Otherwise, you can stick to classics like 珍珠奶茶 (bubble milk tea), or 冬瓜茶 (wintermelon tea) if you prefer a non-milk based drink. They even sell local desserts to further satisfy your sweet tooth, like 豆花 (soya beancurd) and shaved ice, which are both customisable! For those looking for something warm, they even have a small variety of hot drinks available.

Discover more hidden gems in Keelung

Taiwan is undoubtedly a bubble tea heaven, but to experience something new and offbeat, give independent stores like 廖媽媽珍珠奶茶 a try. To continue your foodie adventures, join Keelung For A Walk‘s unique food tours to eat and drink your way through Keelung!


Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11am – 9pm


2/F, No. 84, Xiaosan Road


仁愛區, 基隆市 200


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