First Impressions

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Busy and crowded streets, cafés and bakeries everywhere … a month ago, when I first arrived in Keelung (also known as Jilong), I never expected to find this. Because of the poor images found on the internet and lackluster comments about the town from some Taiwanese friends, I had a completely different expectation from the reality. Once I got here, … Read More

Udon at Pier Number 6

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If you find yourself waking up in Keelung one fine morning, where would you go to quell your rumbling belly? Perhaps a typical breakfast store a few doors down, or the famed Zhou Jia Soy Milk where lines snake out of the shop and down the street for some scallion pancakes (cong you bing). Some noodles tossed in a variation … Read More

Eddie’s Café et Tiramisu

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Tucked away in the unlikeliest of places, Eddie’s Cafe is located where the old Chenggong Market used to stand before it moved to its new location. My mother used to take me shopping with her there and on Saturday evenings I attended art classes on the very same street, but I was never allowed to venture beyond its borders. Twenty … Read More

Token Food: Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Road

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Apart from buying fish at the Kanziding fish market in the middle of the night, there are many bustling “snappers” floating out of Yi 2nd Rd “Keelung Ginza” in the afternoon. From the beginning of junior high school, I went to school every day on the street, and I made it a point to buy Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Rd. … Read More

Watch the Harbor at a 2F Chung Cheng Road Spot: LOKA Café

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Being a Keelung “ke-á kid” when I was a child (Ke-á means “street” in Taiwanese, and Keelungers refer to it as the downtown area covering the Keelung Train Station, the Miaokou area, the  No. 31 Bridge, and the area surrounding the Tianliao River), I had no impression of Chung Cheng Road until the time when my mom and I found … Read More

Meander Around the Hillside and Meet “Shalom Café”

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Shalom Café is located on a small hillside called “Little Beitou” in Keelung. Little Beitou, according to chief of village Wen-An Mr. Lee, used to be a place for public departments, not houses, in the early days. As for the origin of the name, there is a saying that, no matter the terrain, the houses along the hillside in the … Read More

A Breakfast of Scallion Pancakes from Zhou Jia Soy Milk Store

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Keelungers love strong flavors, and breakfast is no exception. A typical breakfast combines dry noodles, pancakes, and wonton soup. There are many well-known scallion pancake restaurants in Keelung, but the approach of making scallion pancakes differs in each. Typically, the pancake is first fried and then baked. Zhou Jia’s are full of scallion, giving them a fragrant and rich taste. … Read More

Bubble Tea: Liao Mama

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In Taiwan, there are thousands of bubble tea stores. Some are a part of major franchises and have standards for flavor and technique. However, to experience something new and outside the usual boba-sphere, visiting the independent store called “Liao Mama廖媽媽” offers a unique taste of Keelung since the 1990s. The mixture of fragrant black tea, milk, and super chewy jelly … Read More

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