The Vegan Foodie’s Guide to Keelung: Restaurant, Night Market & Convenience Store

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Vegan foods in Keelung, Taiwan Located just about an hour away from Taipei, Keelung is a major port city (Taiwan’s second largest seaport actually!) and is nicknamed “The Rainy Port.” There is a rich history to be explored and plenty of breathtaking views in Keelung, making it the perfect addition to your Taiwan travel itinerary. You may be wondering, though, … Read More

Keelung Street Food: Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Road

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Apart from buying fish at the Kanziding fish market in the middle of the night, there are many bustling “snappers” floating out of Yi 2nd Rd “Keelung Ginza” in the afternoon. From the beginning of junior high school, I went to school every day on the street, and I made it a point to buy Taiyaki at Yi 2nd Rd. … Read More

Zhongshan Bridge: The Blue Corridor in the Image of Dr. Hou Hsiao-Hsien

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  Zhongshan Bridge’s History Zhongshan Bridge is the oldest bridge across a railway in Taiwan. It was named Takasago before being rebuilt, and it linked immigrant settlement Seine-Tsai-Liu (this region was the main passage in高砂町Takasagomachi during the Japanese occupation) to Keelung Train Station. In order to benefit a larger area, this bridge was made like a few blue belts on … Read More