Why are there so many churches in Keelung?

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Keelung, Taiwan: a city that attracts tourists from far and wide with its ornate temples, scattered shrines, and peaceful pockets of Buddhist and Taoist spirituality. Any Westerner who is lucky enough to find themselves in Taiwan will quickly be struck by the abundance of temples which decorate the quiet streets, bringing them to life with glowing red lanterns and the … Read More

5 Must-watch Films and Series inspired by Keelung

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Cinematic journey through Keelung You might be interested to find that Keelung has served as a backdrop for various films and series, offering viewers a glimpse into its unique charm and character. From acclaimed dramas to futuristic thrillers, there are notable works that draw inspiration from or prominently feature the city and its surroundings. Let’s take a cinematic journey through … Read More

Exploring Keelung: The 228 monument

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Nestled between Zhongzheng Park and Ershawan fortress, amidst surrounding hikes and forests, stands the Keelung 228 memorial. In its subtle but powerful presence, it recalls a difficult past, and reminds locals and tourists alike of the struggles Taiwanese people have overcome, and the power of peace in our current times. Exploring Keelung through solo walks I recently took a walk … Read More

Jian Temple: a Library of Story and Mural

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Jian Temple: an unassuming temple, found in Keelung, nestled deep into the beautiful ecosystem of Hope Hills. Such a temple is often overlooked, though, especially being in the presence of the iconic Big Buddha Temple. This does nothing to detract from its beauty; instead, to those curious few, Jian Temple opens its doors, reciting age-old stories from within, and in … Read More

Keelung Tower: The Gateway of Keelung

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First-time visitors of Keelung are usually aware of 2 things: 1) the city has a big port, and 2) there are many hills that surround said port. Beyond this, however, the city still remains a mystery, and knowing where to start isn’t exactly obvious. Fortunately for me, Keelung Tower was my first destination.   Standing as a beacon in the … Read More

Why is there a French cemetery in Keelung?

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Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, … Taiwan is known for the numerous country that either tread its ground and even battled it. France is one of them. Today, there still is a place to witness the vestiges of this historical conflict: Keelung French cemetery. The war behind Keelung French cemetery The corpses buried in the cemetery belong to the French soldiers … Read More

Chiang Kai-shek’s Statues in Keelung

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Formerly Taiwan’s public places, schools, parks, and government offices featured approximately 45,000 statues of the former president of the Republic of China (ROC), Chiang Kai-shek.[1] Although the removal of Chiang’s statues and symbols of oppression began in the late 1980s and 1990s, thousands of statues still stood in public spaces well into the 21st century. Since the start of Taiwan’s … Read More

History Lessons from a Butcher in Huilong Market: Culture of Traditional Markets

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Culture of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets | Characteristics of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets | Disappearing Traditional Markets | History of Taiwan’s Traditional Markets Compared its heydays, Huilong Market is finding it harder to attract passerby and a steady stream of patrons. The vendors instead rely on their regulars to sustain them. During Keelung For A Walk’s interview with Zhou, a butcher at … Read More

Four Hidden Forts in the Most Fortified City in Taiwan That You Won’t Find in a Brochure (II)

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The Most Fortified City and Its Hidden Forts Keelung is the most fortified part of Taiwan.[1] The landscape is a strategic masterpiece evidenced by its history of defensive positions in each era of occupation. For example, the Japanese occupation beginning in 1895 spawned nearly 700 bomb shelters resulting in Keelung’s claim to the highest density of hiding spots in all … Read More

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