Historical Keelung Mayor’s Mansion

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Anyone who has spent some time on walks through Taipei or other cities in Taiwan will surely have noticed the countless abandoned and decayed old Japanese homes and thought: It’s a shame that nobody takes care of these beautiful old buildings. An old Japanese residence with a long history was recently renovated in Keelung and opened to the public as … Read More

Udon at Pier Number 6

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If you find yourself waking up in Keelung one fine morning, where would you go to quell your rumbling belly? Perhaps a typical breakfast store a few doors down, or the famed Zhou Jia Soy Milk where lines snake out of the shop and down the street for some scallion pancakes (cong you bing). Some noodles tossed in a variation … Read More

Taiwan Street Food Treat: Dorayaki

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The Taiwan street food scene is a wonderland filled with delicious and affordable food treats that every traveler should try. They offer insight into Taiwan’s checkered history showcasing food influences from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and even France. Around every street corner in Taiwan, you will find families, friends talking, laughing and sharing street food together. Keelung’s Night Market Miaokou … Read More