Miaokou Night Market: Anthony Bourdain’s #1 night market in Taiwan

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In a country famous for its night markets, the port city of Keelung may be home to the best: Miaokou Night Market Bourdain goes to Taiwan Anthony Bourdain, the legendary food documentarian, only visited Taiwan once during his 20 year television run. It was to shoot a 2013 episode of The Layover, a short-lived series created by Bourdain on the … Read More

The 3 Best Night Hikes in Keelung

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 Why go on a night hike in Keelung?  During the day Keelung, the Taiwanese port city neighboring Taipei, is a beautiful (if not usually overcast) place. However, the city truly comes alive only after the sun sets. The city is surrounded by mountains, making it an apt place for exploring to get some spectacular views of the nighttime skyscape. Without … Read More

Taiwan: The Kingdom of Fruit

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If you’ve travelled much of Asia, you’ll have observed the generous diversity of fresh fruits these countries have on offer – Taiwan is certainly no exception. There’s a reason it’s coined ‘The Kingdom of Fruits’.   Taiwan’s subtropical climate is favourable for horticultural production. The mountainous island offers a range of humidity and temperature conditions that allow for a variety … Read More

Keelung’s Mountain and Sea: Several Stops to a Scenic Spot

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As tourists, it’s easy to get caught up running from one attraction to another, barely processing what’s happening around us. But today, we’re going to take a slow and quiet stroll, retracing the steps of the industrial miners up the mountains of Keelung. I hope this article can provide some guidance for smaller attractions and stops in Keelung that you … Read More

Hello Keelung walkers, let’s go for a swim at the Heping Island Park!

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  Swimming in Winter? I arrived in Keelung at the start of winter in Taiwan (January), and I was told that it would be too cold to swim in the ocean just outside of my window (more or less). I, of course, felt an inconsolable sadness after hearing this as one of my favorite hobbies was to swim with aquatic … Read More

Keelung’s Lido Butterfly Garden: a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of Keelung’s downtown

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  Finding a little quiet time for yourself in Keelung After a full day of visiting Keelung’s Renai day market, the E-square mall, and the many stores, cafes, and little restaurants in the downtown core, you might want to find a little place to sit down and have a little quiet time for yourself. Recommend: Keelung’s Lido Butterfly Garden Keelung’s … Read More

Keelung from a Scotsman’s Eyes

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Similarities in Faraway Places It is a rare wintry sunny morning in the oft rainy port town of Keelung. I ascend the rooftop of Keelung For A Walk, sticky aromas of coffee and cigarettes clinging around me as I gaze upon the hills that cradle the town and welcome in the sea air. The morning sun graces us with her presence like an … Read More

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