Cultural Tour

This tour, which allows you to experience KEELUNG CULTURE like a local, has been carefully designed to uncover all of Keelung's exciting secrets. A cultural adventure like no other, you will interact with the locals and learn about the city from those who have spent their entire lives there.

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Night Market Tour

Discover the remarkable culture and ethnicity that shape today’s MIAOKOU NIGHT MARKET dishes, as it is said that every dish Keelung has to offer has a rich history and is based on a beautiful tradition. Enhance your experience with a fun history lesson by sampling herbal tea, curry noodles hidden in the local market hall, etc.

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Fish Market Tour

We offer you an exciting midnight tour of the local fish market, a major attraction in Keelung. The port city's fish market is located in the Ren'ai district, and easy to reach from the main station. Unlike any other fish market in the world, you can interact with a passionate group of locals on the tour of KANZIDING FISH MARKET!

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Heping Island Tour

What is so peaceful about Heping Island, I hear you ask. Well for starters, it is a tiny yet scenic UNESCO Global Geopark boasting magnificent views of the coast along Keelung’s north east. Then there are the ruins of Spanish-Dutch forts and what remains of a Japanese settlement from years gone by.

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Ghost Festival Tour

The Ghost Festival in Keelung, maintained for more than a century, is one of the most complete traditional rituals in Taiwan. Every ritual has its own traditional meaning and characteristics. Through our 3-hour tours, we can bring you to the ceremony spots and understand the core values of the Ghost Festival.

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Why choose us?


1. Authenticity and Local Expertise

Experience Keelung like a true local. Our tours are meticulously crafted by passionate Keelungers who proudly call this city home. Get an authentic and immersive experience, uncovering hidden gems and rich history.


2. Endless Fun and Unforgettable Memories

We believe in creating moments that will stay with you forever. From exploring hidden alleyways to indulging in tantalizing local cuisine, each moment is carefully designed to spark joy and wonder.


3. Socially Meaningful Journey

By choosing our small group tours, you are not only embarking on an incredible adventure but also contributing to the social and cultural fabric of Keelung. We actively contribute to the social and cultural fabric of Keelung by revitalizing forgotten corners of the city and supporting local businesses.

Your support also enables us to sustain our oral history projects, preserving the stories and experiences of Keelung's elder residents.