WHY 680

Why Keelung-for-a-walk?

Take a walk with a local through the narrow alleyways of Keelung, treating your senses to an unforgettable experience. Learn about the city’s past while observing the culture of its present. Try delicious local cuisine hidden from plain sight. See some of the area’s most remarkable architecture. Immerse yourself in the authentic Taiwan, gaining a genuine insight into the daily life of its friendly residents. Take your time and let the Keelung charm pull you in.


We are different!

1. Our heart beats for Keelung
2. Our tour gives you a comprehensive overview of Keelung and its place in Taiwanese history
3. Fun fun fun~~!!
4. Tour individually designed by local Keelunger


Why small group tours?

We like to provide you with a very intimate experience of our wonderful city, allowing you to experience Keelung like a local and connect with it by walking and learning about its deep history. We want our tours to be more meaningful to you than a quick photo opportunity, and we believe this city has a lot to offer. It is our desire to promote sustainable “green” tourism in Taiwan, and traveling in small groups is a healthy way to foster this wish.