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Fashion in Keelung: 7 Tips to Dress Well in the Rain

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If someone wants to be prepared for the rainy weather when visiting Keelung, it is essential for them to bring clothes fit for this quite unique climate. While building a nice and fashionable outfit always requires some thought, it can be quite a challenge to stay dry and still look good when it is raining outside. So here are my tips on what to wear while staying true to your style without sacrificing the comfort of staying dry, as well as some insight into how people living in Keelung dress in this weather. 

1. A nice pair of rain boots

Many people in Keelung actually wear rain boots on a daily basis. Being able to incorporate those in your outfit might seem quite difficult but with the right boots it definitely is worth a try. If rain boots are a little too much for you I can always recommend a pair of Dr. Martens. These boots can survive every possible weather and will last you for many years, so they for sure are an investment worth making. If you are looking to get some cheaper ones, I can recommend checking out the local vintage stores (for example Miss Pork Clothing Store ) , where you can find some used pairs for a really good price. Dr. Martens match with pretty much any outfit and have been a staple in my closet for many years now.

boots 1
Selection of boots available in Miss Pork Clothing Store

2. A good waterproof jacket

Something that might seem a little too obvious, but is such a good investment, is a nice waterproof jacket. It can be a conventional rain jacket or vintage leather jacket, which is what I prefer. If you manage to find yourself one that is still in good condition (which most of them still are as leather basically lasts forever), I promise you that not a single drop of water will get through. Not only do they keep you safe from rain, but they also are really useful against the wind and any colder temperatures. They also match really well with Dr. Martens. I found a vintage racing jacket that was unexpectedly waterproof at a local vintage store called Ghettohoney , so if you like the look of those I recommend checking the vintage stores here in Keelung .

One note on jackets i feel like i should add: If you don’t want to bring multiple ones (which most people don’t) i can only recommend to get one really big, waterproof, neural looking jacket that matches with any outfit, so you can just throw it over whatever you are wearing without it looking silly.


3. The right headgear

One issue you might face is that many jackets don’t have hoods, especially when it comes to leather jackets. What I have seen many people in Keelung do in order to keep their heads dry, is wear just a casual baseball cap. Even though this isn’t the first thing that might come to your mind when thinking about what is most effective in order to protect yourself from the rain, depending on the material I imagine a cool looking one as quite essential, since their shield can be not only be used to keep the sun out of your face but the rain as well. Something else that I can see being both a good looking and useful piece is a balaclava. You can easily add them to basically any outfit and they look good like most of the time, and you can find them for sale in many local stores. Another hat option is bucket hats. I saw some really cool looking ones being sold in Blank Costumes & Gold Pie Desserts , a local vintage store. 


4.Hiking shoes

Now once again on footwear, and this might sound a little strange, but a nice pair of hiking shoes. If styled the right way can be both good looking and functional, as many of them either are waterproof or made out of a material that dries really quickly. Some brands that make some cool looking and functional models are Salomon, Hoka, Asics and Timberlands. If you are more into buying them second hand, young house sometimes has hiking shoes by various brands like Salomon in stock.

5. Hiking gear

Generally I can always recommend hiking gear. If you choose the right brands and pieces you can actually build some really nice outfits that are super functional and look good as well. I have been doing this for a while now and never have been this comfortable in nice looking clothing. I’ve been wearing my Arcteryx jacket and Salomon shoes on a daily basis now and stayed perfectly dry. I can also recommend sherpa/fleece jackets. Many hiking brands offer stylish ones and a lot of them are waterproof but make sure to check. And for those, keep in mind that there are many cool looking vintage ones as well. For second hand hiking and functional clothing, I recommend Yangxing young house , Blank Clothing & Gold Pie Dessert and Pork Lady Clothing Shop who always have a few really cool pieces in stock that go into that direction of style.


6. A waterproof bag

Now one thing I would like to add is the choice of bag. Usually my bag of choice (which has to match my outfit of course), is not very waterproof unfortunately, which can be become quite a problem depending on what you carry in your bags,. Now since many bags were not really designed to keep out the rain and if you are like me and still wont carry an umbrella even though it’s literally pouring outside, you should really look into some waterproof bag options. Once again I can recommend any bag that’s made of leather, as well as reworked bags made from old plastic sheets. If you want a nice leather bag, I recommend going to the local thrift store for inexpensive second-hand clothing and bags , that has a big selection of nice used bags, many of which are made of leather. If you prefer to buy new instead of second hand, Fjallraven and Freitag are brands that make great waterproof bags that look nice. You can also find some by smaller brands at Blank Apparel &Gold Pie Dessert .

7. Take inspiration from local fashion

Now you can either follow these tips in order to make an outfit consisting of many waterproof parts, or just put on some good shoes and take an umbrella with you, which is actually what most people in Keelung do, while wearing their usual clothes. walking around Keelung, I encountered many people dressed very stylishly in the rain and took a lot of inspiration from their outfits. If you get inspired and want to add some local pieces your rainy day outfits, there are also plenty of great secondhand stores in Keelung for you to check out as well!


Now that you’re prepared for the weather you can explore all Keelung has to offer without needing to fear the rain.

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