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Visit Keelung to catch the best sunsets

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When the sun isn’t completely obscured by clouds, the Keelung area offers some spectacular sunsets of all varieties. Maybe you’re a solo traveler, a family, a couple, and you’re looking for a great photo opportunity or just want to take in the quiet transition from lightness to darkness while you’re in Keelung. Well, you have plenty of excellent choices. For all you sunset lovers, there's just one thing to do - visit Keelung.

visit keelung sunsets
The sky's colors before the darkness, as seen from Badouzi



Badouzi is my personal favorite. It is a peninsula filled with beautiful spots to explore. There are three main spots here: Chaojing Park, Wangyou Valley, and Da Ping Coast. You really feel a connection with the ocean wherever you are on Badouzi, and on a clear day, the flames in the sky will envelop you.

Chaojing Park

Wangyou Valley

Da Ping Coast


Zhongzheng Park

Head up the hill in the heart of Keelung to this popular sunset-viewing area. You'll get a good panoramic view of Keelung's harbor as it enters the ocean, and you can use the people and the large statue to take an interesting picture during the sunset. Not to be missed when you visit Keelung!


Peace Island 

This is yet another pretty coastal option, with the added benefit of fascinating geological structures. You can look out to Keelung Islet or in to Keelung harbor and capture the changing colors of the sky as they touch the land and water surrounding you.

Heping Island Park


Keelung Harbor

This is one of the most popular places when you visit Keelung. You'll see many people watching the water and the boats, taking pictures of each other as well as the birds of prey and the schools of fish. The unique neon-lit letters add to what is already a colorful backdrop, and when the sky is right, this can be a great place to capture the heart of the city as the day disappears.

Keelung Port: Out for a stroll

Lover’s Lake / Dawulun / Waimushan

Lover’s Lake is a popular place for couples who visit Keelung. Nestled between hills north of the harbor, this offers many different viewpoints of the lake and the water. You can go up the hill to Dawulun Fort and get a very good view of the mountains merging with the ocean, and you can go even higher to get a bird's eye view of the area. Waimushan is a long stretch of seashore from Waimushan fishing port to Aoditong Village, and it’s a popular place to view coastal scenery.


Keelung Mountain

The entrance to the steep steps of Keelung Mountain is actually down the street from Jiufen. Upon climbing, you'll have a great seaside view, and when the sun is setting, you might see some of the dramatic shadows it casts throughout the hills.


Bitou Cape

Bitou is a beautiful place jutting out into the sea, with rocky cliffs and hilly green terrain. You'll definitely want to take your best camera for this, as it offers stunning sunset views from all angles.


Keelung Sign

Keelung has its own white hillside letters like the Hollywood sign in LA, California. You can go up the hill and view the letters, and from up here you'll have a great view of the harbor below and the hills surrounding you. There is plenty of seating, so you can relax and wait for that sun to hide beneath the horizon. At any time of day you visit Keelung you can't leave without seeing this sign up close and personal.

Keelung Port views and visiting the sign



Baimiwong is a great mix of nature and man-made; you can sit where cannons once sat and look out at the ocean, with a unique backdrop of ominous-looking smokestacks. When the sun sets, the color adds to the intrigue of the area.

Baimiwong Fort: Land of Giants



Yehliu is one of Taiwan's most famous attractions and, while often very crowded, it is nonetheless a great place to see the sun set. You can capture the sky against the fascinating structures all around you, and you can also head to the very edge of the coast and get dramatic looks of the sea.


Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain)

This is actually in the southeast part of Taipei City, but it's easy to get to from Keelung. It's a very popular place to watch the sun set over Taipei, with a good look of Taipei 101. While it is usually crowded, there is plenty of space to spread out and capture your own unique horizon.


Some pictures:

visit keelung sunsets
The pre-sunset phase at Peace Island


visit keelung sunsets
From the viewing area above Lover's Lake (photo credit to Joanne Ng)


visit keelung sunsets
The sun setting along the sea, from Bitou Cape


visit keelung sunsets
The sun setting behind the smokestacks at Baimiwong


visit keelung sunsets
A view of Taipei from Elephant Mountain

Heping Island Tour

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